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Speed Traps in Winfield, Texas

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Winfield, Texas. Browse more Texas speed traps.

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The Winfield, Texas exit on I-30 west of Mt Plesant, TX   Winfield, Texas

Winfield has a very aggressive speed enforcement policy. They are known to specifically ticket out of state drivers. Truckers call it "the Winfield Truck Stop". The offficers refuse to let you out of your vehicle to view the radar. They openly brag about out of state tickets and seizures. The State of Texas has them under investigation for deriving more than 30% of their revenue from traffic fines and seizures.

Mar 5, 2010   Texas   0 comments

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Interstate 30   Winfield, Texas

(All along Interstate 30 in Winfield and Titus County) --Midnight, January 11th,2009 At least 3 marked cars, one of which was labeled Sheriff, were hidden along Interstate 30 in the area of Winfield with lights off. I was cruising with control set at the speed limit. Was ticketed for seven miles over limit. I have owned this auto for 10 years and know that it reads about two miles higher than actual speed, I believe he actually wrote me 9 miles/hour greater than I was going. The interesting part is that I saw him at least 1/4 mile ahead crossing median toward me. Not to get me, but to take off like his foot was stuck to the floor. I thought he was after traffic further west. He suddenly stopped, crossed the median again, and parked under an underpass pointed east. As I passed, he tore out from under the underpass and crossed the median again. This time to chase behind me. I looked like I could pay!

Jul 19, 2009   Texas   1 comments

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