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Speed Traps in Graysville, Alabama

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Graysville, Alabama. Browse more Alabama speed traps.

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U.S.118 (formerly U.S. 78)   Graysville, Alabama

Jefferson County Sheriffs units lie in wait along this divided four lane that was U.S. 78 until I-22 opened from Jasper to exit 85 near Adamsvillle/Graysville. My son was traveling west around 12:30 a.m. one morning when a JeffCO unit sprang from hiding and sped after my son. After 7-8 miles the deputy pulled my son over and claimed that he (my son) had been traveling at 95 mph. That's odd since my son's Ford Ranger p.u. is factory limited @ 89 mph. Not to mention the fact the truck has over 200k miles on it and he (my son) is scared to exceed 75 mph for any period of time. When my son asked the deputy if he had clocked him on radar he replied no but he had to push his Ford Crown Vic to over 120mph to catch-up to him. And in doing this my son said the deputy had NOT activated his overheads(blue lights). Such carrying-on at night and my son allegedly was driving in an unsafe manner? Beware of this stretch of road between Graysville and Sumiton,AL.

Jul 9, 2012   Alabama   0 comments

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Interstate 22 and Highway 78   Graysville, Alabama

3 Hoover Police Department SUV's sitting in the median between the east and west bound lanes. This is at the exit that all tractor-trailers have to exit I-22 at Graysville. Around 4:30 pm. This is the 2nd day that they have been sitting there. Strange that HOOVER Police are sitting at this location when Hoover is quite a ways away.

Jun 6, 2012   Alabama   0 comments

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