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Speed Traps in Troy, Ohio

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Troy, Ohio. Browse more Ohio speed traps.

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I-75 Northbound 2 miles north of exit 69, Route 25-A   Troy, Ohio

This is a DANGEROUS radar trap.

I-75 north of Exit 69 is three lanes wide with a left shoulder and right shoulder. As you pass exit 69, you'll notice a wall alongside the road once you clear the exit. About 1 1/2 to 2 miles up, on the right side of the road, during the week around 8 - 10 pm, you will find an Ohio State Patrolman parked off the road, in the grass, at 90 degree perpendicular angle, facing due west to the I-75 north - south axis, with his front bumper several feet east of the east shoulder of the northbound direction.

If he has to come back on the road to pursue someone, the way he normally backs into position forces him to use not just the shoulder, but also part of the slow lane to compensate for the Crown Victoria's 20 foot turning radius. At times, as happened when one of these pulled on the road about 100 feet in front of me one evening in April 2003, part of middle lane was also needed to turn the police car back onto the highway from off in the grassy area.

Beware if you see a police car backed off the road here as when he comes back on the road, he will be using the shoulder and slow lane for sure. The trucks panic when they see this ahead of them and instantly start pushing over into the middle lane as I witnessed on another night.

Note: Complaints to the Piqua post of the Highway Patrol has not stopped this dangerous situation. I was basically told to keep my opinion to myself when I called in to complain minutes after witnessing one of these high speed, multi-lane re-entries to the highway to pursue a speeder.

Jun 7, 2003   Ohio   0 comments

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anywhere   Troy, Ohio

This city's Police Chief has started a quota system. The Officer's are required to write tickets to meet the quota. Beware, you will get a ticket just because the Officer needs to meet the quota. The quota's are in place for discipline and for shift placement. For example, An Officer will have to write more tickets to get a more desirable shift or to avoid being disciplined.

Mar 22, 2003   Ohio   0 comments

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