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You are currently viewing a speed trap in Selma, Texas

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15000 block of North Bound Frontage Road I.H.35   Selma, Texas

starting around 10pm, selma cops park in front of the closed stores along this north-bound frontage road. Usually seen in front of Furniture Row, Rudy's, and near Hooters. But sometimes I see them on the highway itself, their stealthy police cars waiting in the shoulders According to a policeman I know in New Braunfels, the Texas DPS informally asked Selma PD to reduce the amount of citations given due to speeding on IH35, as Selma PD were way over the state average. As a result, for the last several years, Selma PD is forced to work more along the access roads along the highway, as well as along the Forum Parkway in the Forum Shopping Center. Not only is speed monitored along the access road (45 mph - do not increase speed until you are actually *ON* IH35!), but they will cite you for failing to yield (on the southbound access road), failure to come to complete stop (at intersection near Gillman Honda), crossing the double white line (northbound access road), etc. I was told by my policeman friend in NB that Selma PD are very heavy handed when it comes to vehicle searches, too, and he recommends complying with the officer's requests or else the situation is guaranteed to escalate. (I think bullying may be a good way to describe how Selma cops will behave towards a driver who decides to argue) Vehicle Equipment Citations are very common, too; they will not give you a warning to fix a burned out license plate bulb or headlight, for example. And expect no sympathy from anyone at the courthouse. With the exception of an approved Defensive Driving Course to dismiss a moving violation, which thankfully our State of Texas allows us -other deferrals are rarely given out. Remember that Selma, Tx, is only about 5 square miles with a population of less than 1,000. I.H. 35 runs right down the middle of this, so please be careful driving on the high way, or along the access roads, or when visiting any of the shops at the Forum. Selma cops are a mean bunch, much worse than State Troopers!

Oct 17, 2011

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I have a friend who is a Sgt. with Selma PD and he said they hit the access roads a lot because it is to dangerous on the highway to sit out during the day but at night the night shift will sit out in many places on the highway. I found it funny when he told me they have a dedicated "Traffic" officer at night. During a 12 hour shift he only pulled three people over and they were all way over 10 mph over the speed limit. But he also said a lot of the other officers have "Dirty Harry" syndrome and will look for any reason to search your car or run you for anything and everything. I guess this can be said for most small towns but Selma is not as bad as it use to be. I live in the area and I still will not speed on the surface streets.

#1 - Nov 9, 2011    Report abuse

"Much worse than State Troopers"? All the state troopers I've encountered have been absolute gentlemen! Interesting. If Selma P.D. is heavy-handed in regards to vehicle searches, that don't mean squat. You have the right to deny consent. It is the LAW for officers to ask consent, it is your RIGHT not to give it to these "humans".

#2 - May 25, 2012    Report abuse

This town gets close to a million a year in revenue from tickets. Use caution ! It is a money trap. Avoid Selma and the business there.

#3 - Aug 11, 2012    Report abuse

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