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You are currently viewing a speed trap in Rusk, Texas

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US Highway 69   Rusk, Texas

If you are traveling north or south on Hwy 69 in between Lufkin and Tyler, you pass through the town of Rusk. The speed limit drops rapidly from 70 to 35 in less than a mile. Typically there is a Rusk police car parked at the bottom of the hill (on the left-hand side) if you are traveling North and (on the right-hand side) in you are traveling South in a parking lot that is surrounded by trees, so you do not see them when you are traveling South until you pass them.

Mar 10, 2008

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Yes this is a speedtrap, but the speed limit drops to 40, and not 35.

#1 - Mar 6, 2010    Report abuse

Come on, get your facts straight. Coming south from Tyler/Jacksonville while in a 70 mph speed zone there is a large yellow sign warning that the speed limit ahead drops to 60 mph. Two tenths of a mile later there is a 60 mph speed limit sign. Six tenths of a mile later as you start down "Hospital Hill" there is a 50 mph speed limit sign. Then, half a mile later the speed limit drops to 40 mph which is the lowest maximum legal speed travelling through Rusk on U.S. 69. Coming north from Lufkin/Alto while in a 70 mph speed zone there is a large yellow sign warning that the speed drops to 55 mph ahead. Then two tenths of a mile later there is a 55 mph speed limit sign. Seven tenths of a mile later there is a 50 mph speed limit sign. Four tenths of a mile later there is a 45 mph speed limit sign. Then, six tenths of a mile later, the speed limit drops to 40 mph. Yes, from time to time the city police do set up with radar to enforce the speed limit, but not nearly enough to slow down most folks travelling through town. So, come on through Rusk, maybe you'll win the local lottery and receive an opportunity to support our town financially.

#2 - Apr 6, 2010    Report abuse

I Look at the local paper every once and while and just a couple of weeks ago it said the Rusk police department had written 330 tickets in one week. A lot of these small town in East Texas area speed traps. Hwy 69 and 59 are real bad for all of the local police but you also need to look out for DPS. I have seen rolling speed traps along these roads before with as many as 12 + DPS cars working within a 4 - 5 miles area. These highways are major drug routes to the North East part of the US and if you are stopped it is more then likely they are going to ask to search your car.

#3 - Oct 5, 2010    Report abuse

pay attention and obey the law and you should have nothing to worry about. Its speeders that are most likely to cause an accident and kill someone. So slow down you could save a life no matter where you are.

#4 - Nov 28, 2010    Report abuse

i agree with comment attention and obey the law :)

#5 - Feb 11, 2011    Report abuse

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