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You are currently viewing a speed trap in Lott, Texas

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US Highway 77   Lott, Texas

Lott is on Hwy 77 between Waco and Rosebud. The worst instance is when heading north on Hwy 77 where the road is wide and straight. The speed limit drops suddenly from 70 to 55 on a very long straight stretch of the road before you really get into the community and the road does not pass through any residential sections."The limit drops all the way to 45. Because of the long stretch of road it is possible for the police to catch you on radar way before you can actually identify the police car. Totally unrealistic speed limits for road and traffic situations."""

Sep 9, 2009

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First of all, the speed limit does not drop "SUDDENLY" from 70 to 55. There is a sign about 500 feet BEFORE the speed limit drops to 55 that warns the motorist that the speed limit is reduced to 55 ahead. The same is true on the north end of town. As for as how far out of the center of town (basically the intersection of US 77 and SH 320) the speed limits are posted, they actually moved them closer in to town about 2 years ago. Furthermore, 45 mph is NOT unreasonable for an intersection. There is sufficient traffic on highway 320 to warrant the reduced speed. I drive through Lott twice a week and have never been ticketed. Having said that, I will aslo add that they DO watch Highway 77 pretty closely.

#1 - Sep 12, 2011    Report abuse

Well, there in Lott and Rosebud ... there are legitimate speed limits (it is a town) and they do have an initial warning of the first change to let you know! there is even a "Speed Trap ahead" sign put up by a friendly local. But let me tell you! I've driven that road about once per month for the past 5 years, as have my wife and my Son at Baylor in Waco... and you can't tell me it is not EXTREME ! We set timers, call each other... to remind each other "don't speed through Lott or Rosebud!" and still get tickets. Between the 3 of us we have gotten 7 tickets! AND NO WHERE ELSE on the three hour trip up 77 do we ever get tickets! We are not law breakers... don't drive fast ... don't want to speed! But still, they (cops) are ALWAYS out ... even till late in the night. I got one ticket at 1 AM in a construction zone, where I was trying to find the speed limit change amongst all the other construction signs and must have missed it when it changed from 55 to 45. I was slowing down, knowing I was in Lott, trying to be careful, but still "Crossed the line" and they were on me quickly! I get so mad and feel taken advantage of. I feel like I'm just being taxed, over and over by a bully waiting in the bushes for my lunch money! I've even gotten counseling over it! They never give warnings, are rarely friendly, politely say "have a good night" while I drive away in a state of unbelief. What happened to "We're just out to keep everyone safe. Slow down and be careful" politeness -at least sometimes! YES - SEVEN tickets ! And we are careful! Haven't gotten but four tickets between four drivers in 10 years in any other towns. Over $2,000,000 raised by those local cops. I'd like to see where all that goes. I doubt it is making the community a better place! Just saying!

#2 - Oct 27, 2013    Report abuse

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