Irondale, Alabama Speed Traps

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Northbound on Grants Mill Road.

Irondale, AlabamaJun 17, 20160 Comments

There’s a section of road that’s five lanes wide that is posted at 45mph. Then the road starts down a hill and the limit drops to 30. Even if you’re braking to slow down at the sign police will sit and use radar detectors to catch speeders coming down the hill. Say you pass the 30mph sign and are braking, remember your car is going downhill also, it requires time to safely slow to the new limit. So in the seconds drivers are already slowing down Irondale police will cite you for the speed you were going at the sign. Generally everyone drives fine here, throughout the day, and no one’s ticketed for slowing down. But at night it’s a classic speedtrap.

Interstate I-20 near Exit Number 133-135

Irondale, AlabamaSep 22, 20070 Comments

It’s 6-lanes wide there, and all of a sudden the limit drops to 60 mph, just as the road dips. So they can sit in that dip, facing either direction, and catch folks as they top the hill. You can tell it’s not for safety. It’s a safe area but for some reason they don’t look for speeders about 5 miles west of there, which is the dangerous area. There’s rarely a trap at the dangerous spots. But this dip with the lowered limit is revenue-rich with easy pickins (you).

US Highway 78 near Interstate 20/59

Irondale, AlabamaMar 17, 20060 Comments

Beware Irondale speed traps – if you follow US Highway 78 through the Leeds/Irondale area, IPD has several areas they hide in: watch for the roads by the industrial parks (a few places off road shoulder they sit there), sometimes a unit is seen out in the grass median near the Food World off hwy. 78 and they sometimes hide in one of the local motel parking lots at night with all lights off. All these points allow them fast and easy access to US Highway 78. Beware!

I-20 close to 459

Irondale, AlabamaJun 01, 20030 Comments

You’ll get pulled over for speeding going either direction on I-20 in Irondale. Trust me I know. I’ve seen as many as 4 cop cars in less than 10 miles. Don’t go more than 5 miles over the already low speed limit. The cops hide in the perfect places so you can’t see them until its too late. Just don’t speed in this area. They’re also really big on unmarked cars so don’t forget to use your blinker and turn on your lights when neccessary.

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