Prattville, Alabama Speed Traps

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County Road 4 (connects Hwy 31 to Hwy 14)

Prattville, AlabamaAug 04, 20030 Comments

Most of CR4 is a rural country road with mostly farms, but they still have the speed limit listed as 45 and theSpeed limit drops from 45 to 35 close to Hwy 14. Patroled quite frequently

US-82 at Gin Shop Hill/Country Club

Prattville, AlabamaMay 01, 20030 Comments

A Prattville city cop sits either at the bottom of the hill in a parking lot, the top of the hill on a side road, in the median at the top of the hill, or in the Country Club facing eastbound traffic. They also sit off to the right on a side road at the top of the hill facing westbound traffic. They will also sit in a church parking lot at the bottom of the hill, facing eastbound traffic. Watch your speed in the area betwen the US82/US31 intersection to the end of the city limits!

I-65 South MM 182

Prattville, AlabamaApr 16, 20030 Comments

Mostly monitoring the South Bound lane. State Trooper will be in the median face North. You wo’t see him until you clear the trees and then you will be right on him and he will be right on YOU!

Hwy. 82 and the Birmingham Highway

Prattville, AlabamaJun 01, 20000 Comments

Prattville Police will stop you for anything including tag lights being out or going even 3 mph over the limit. They are looking for Drugs or any type of contraband so that they can take your car and any money that you have on you. The City and County have raised the Court Cost from $50.00 to $100.00 and are going yo use the money to build new Court Houses. I believe that the Police Department has instructions to write any and every thing they see. The already have a record for issueing something like 8,500 traffic tickets durring 1999. That was before they raised the Court Cost. Motorist are advised to stay away from Prattville, AL at all cost. This little town isn’t safe to even pass through. The police sit behind bushes, trees, signs or even behind other cars and trucks. They are especilly on the lookout for out of state and out of county tags. The Attorney Generals’ Office has been notified, but so far has failed to act. If you obtain evedence on the police about their running a speed trap I would recomend giving it to the News Media rather than the AG’s office. Also, it is very unlikely that you will win in Prattville’s Court against their Police Officer’s.

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