Mayer, Arizona Speed Traps

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Mayer, AZ on Highway 69

Mayer, ArizonaMay 06, 20110 Comments

On Highway 69 between Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona there is a little town called Mayer. The speed limit on 69 is 65mph. Just out side of Mayer AZ the speed reduces to 55mph and then again to 50mph. I’d say the 2 speed limit signs are with in 500 yards of each other. It stays 50mph for about a half mile and the resumes to 65mph. When I got pulled over I had the cruise control set at 70mph, 5 over the 65. I had a few people in the car with me and we were talking so I didn’t see the 55mph sign. I saw a DPS car passing us in the opposite direction but slowing rapidly and cutting though the median. When I looked back to the road ahead of me there was the 50mph sigh that I had not even passed yet. I slowed down and moved over to the right lane because I knew he was going to pull me over. When he lit me up I promptly pulled off and stopped. When he approached the car, we greeted him and informed him of the 2 concealed carry weapons in the vehicle. He then said he had pulled me over for my speed and I told him that I had not noticed the speed limit change until the very moment after I saw him turning around. He then went to his car with my guns and took forever coming back. When he came back he gave me a ticket for 72mph in a 55mph and told me he did me a favor. He said he could have written for 72mph in a 50mph which would have been criminal. But remember, I had not yet passed the 50mph sign when I saw him and slowed down. So I’m not sure why he thinks I was doing 72mph in a 50mph. What really hacks me off about it was we were polite and respectful, disclosed the weapons honestly did not see the speed change and in my everyday driving I never do more than 5 over, always make sure my all of my light are working on my vehicle, I try to follow all of the traffic laws here in AZ to best of my knowledge. I have no tickets in 12 years, no accidents in 20 and still, I got a ticket. I have 2 close friends in the DPS and know another guy that I used to work with that went to the DPS so I have nothing against the Department of Public Safety, but this guy was a dick! So please be very careful going though Mayer, AZ.

State Highway 69 North/South near Mayer, Business Crossing

Mayer, ArizonaNov 29, 20070 Comments

Speed limit drops quickly to 45 due to highway business crossing, and it is reasonable for the situation. Many people roar through at 65 – 70 and get lucky. Not a deliberate speed trap per se, but easy to miss if one is distracted, e.g. talking or daydreaming. Both AZ highway patrol and Yavapai Sheriff patrol enforce vigorously when present.

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