Quartzsite, Arizona Speed Traps

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Near mile marker 10 on I-10

Quartzsite, ArizonaSep 08, 20200 Comments

State troopers will target out of state drivers looking to cross CA border. I received a ticket for “following too closely” when I was a full car length in a half away. The officer said I was going 65 in a 75 but the car in front of me was slowing to exit the freeway. The officer also did not list a speed on the ticket issued. They are targeting out of state plates knowing they will not come back to fight the tickets. After pulling me over, the trooper literally left his lights on and pulled over another California license plate car right in front of me. 2 miles down the road I pull off to the gas station and when I go to enter on the freeway the same officer has a car with Florida plates pulled over at the freeway entrance. Something has to be done about this.

Interstate 10 near hwy marker 37 (Westbound)

Quartzsite, ArizonaJan 16, 20130 Comments

Highway Patrol vehicle is parked facing east in the section between the east bound and west bound Interstate. Has radar focused on oncoming traffic flowing from east to west. At the hearing on the matter, the officer stated that he typically is located at this position, and has written multiple tickets for violation of Section 28-702.04B; Exceed Max Interstate Speed outside Urban area. Officer is overzealous in his duties in handing out tickets especially to drivers with out of state license plates.

Interstate 10 in La Paz County

Quartzsite, ArizonaAug 10, 20120 Comments

Be careful driving through La Paz County AZ on I10 if you have an expensive looking vehicle! You will be targeted even if you are just going with the flow! Its all about money and their perception of your ability to pay fines. I have been driving this stretch every other week in my pickup for 12 years and never had a ticket. Now that I recently married and have a family I am driving one of my expensive SUVs the past 6 months and I have been stopped twice and ticketed for 5 to 10 mph over my actual speed. You will get no justice in court either, the judge is corrupt and will favor the officer every time. I hired an attorney to fight one of mine and even though we demonstrated that the officer provide inaccurate and contradictory testimony that did not prove my guilt the judge still found me guilty. It does no good to argue, the officers are rude and unprofessional and just want to show you who is boss and collect fines. One threatened to take me to jail, scaring my wife and stepdaughter into thinking they would be stranded out in Jerkwater AZ with my 5 week old son. The county is broke due to a lost lawsuit and they are using traffic fines to raise money. incidentally, the fines here are double what they are anywhere else in the state!

The whole town!

Quartzsite, ArizonaApr 17, 20100 Comments

Be very carefull here! dont go over the limit by 1 mph! there are over 30 police patrolling this 1 stoplight! A lady cop with an attitude lurks here. BTW dont bother calling them to enforce the law unless theres $$$ in it for them. They dont give a damn.

2 miles North of downtown district on Hwy 95

Quartzsite, ArizonaApr 01, 20100 Comments

South bound on Hwy 95 at least 2 north of business district. 4 Patrol cars working southbound traffic. Claim to be on drug interdiction patrol.

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