Yarnell, Arizona Speed Traps

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HWY 93, mm185-189

Yarnell, ArizonaOct 23, 20230 Comments

Highway 93 where it divides lanes between mile marker 185-189.

State Route 89 near Hill

Yarnell, ArizonaAug 04, 20070 Comments

On the Hill between Congress and Yarnell. DPS clocks vehicles from a hidden vantage point. 2 lanes each way and 35mph limit. Mostly after motorcyclists.

Yarnell Hill

Yarnell, ArizonaJun 08, 20030 Comments

About one mile into the twisties, while climbing Yarnell Hill, the road makes a left turn. On the right is an armco barrier. Behind that barrier are makers which can cannot be seen by a motorist, but can be observed by law enforcement from the roadway in the distance where it zig zags up the hill. LEOs normally park on the higer level and time vehicles as they go by these markers, making a viual observation of speeds.

The speed limit used to be 55 mph in this area, however, in recent years it has been reduced to 35 mph. The roadway consists of two lanes travelling in the same direction, so the speed is abnormally slow. Over the years many bike riders have charged up Yarnell at high speeds resulting in numerous accidents, which has lead the Police to clamp down.

Hwy. 89, going up Yarnell Hill

Yarnell, ArizonaJan 01, 20021 Comments

DPS officer likes to hide about halfway up the hill, uses VASCAR to issue some outrageous ($200 a pop) speeding citations. Speed limit is posted at a rediculous 35mph; some motorcycles reach speeds of over 120mph on this 4-lane divided highway. 120 = too fast, 35 = braindead slow. 60mph will set you back at least $200, DPS officer can be a flippant smart-ass (watch yourself here), and local town Justice of the Peace knows and greets DPS on first name basis. Do your homework, fight the ticket (if for no other reason, at least the DPS officer isn’t victimizing someone else if he’s in court dealing with you), automatically file for Change of Judge before your court date, and make damned sure that if the cop shows up with any kind of documentation whatsoever, if it don’t have a raised State Seal on it, it is worthless! Exact specifics can be found in Arizona Rules of Civil Court. Then be prepared to file a short Appeal to the Superior Court in the county seat of Prescott. Once you get to speak with a REAL judge, you’re done. Another good tip; ticket info dealt with in Appeals Court doesn’t seem to filter down to your insurance company like just rolling over and paying without a fight does.

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