Hazen, Arkansas Speed Traps

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I-40 east bound Hazen, AR

Hazen, ArkansasJun 30, 20160 Comments

Guy in a T Shirt pulled me over for going too fast.
Nice guy, but I guess he needs to pay his salary, and me, and YOU.

On AR Hwy. 11 (between I-40 and AR Hwy. 70.)

Hazen, ArkansasFeb 19, 20140 Comments

Hazen city police sit on the Dollar General parking lot in an unmarked, black Tahoe with their windows down smoking cigarettes using a dash mounted radar. The dash mounted radar is key because even though you drive by them doing the speed limit, which is 55, they will stop you and claim you were speeding in a 40 mph zone far down the road from where they are sitting. Unless they use a hand-held radar device there is no way they can clock your speed in this 40 mph zone. Don’t waste your time trying to fight it in their small town court as there is no justice there…unless you bring a lawyer to call the hand of the court you are just better off paying it and leaving there knowing that they are corrupt and it is better to just stay away from Hazen, AR next time.

Interstate 40

Hazen, ArkansasJul 06, 20120 Comments

The Hazen city police stopped me on I-40 westbound recently about 10:30 pm. The reason given was that I swerved over the sideline. I didn’t. There are washboard shoulders on that part of the highway so you know if you drift off the side. Drivers be careful. I was doing 70 mph and the officer ran up on my rear bumper before hitting his lights.

US Highway 63

Hazen, ArkansasJan 18, 20081 Comments

Unmarked Blue or Black Hazen City police car, usually sitting on right hand side of road as the motorist heads south towards Stuttgart on U.S. 63. The entire road (U.S. 63) between Hazen and Stuttgart should be traveled with extreme care, as it is a major speed trap.


Hwy 70

Hazen, ArkansasJun 04, 20020 Comments

Drivers beware!! If you go through Hazen after 10:00pm you are nearly guaranteed to be followed so that a officer can call your plates in. They also have a habit of following you to see if you might weave so that there will be a reason to pull you over.

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