Hot Springs, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Whittington Avenue near Whittington Avenue

Hot Springs, ArkansasJul 06, 20080 Comments

Two bike cops set at the family church, and sometimes they are in the cars as well. Soon as you come around the corner in front of the petting zoo, look up to the left you will see them. If you are coming from black snake road, they are in the park to the right of you, but once you pass the apts on the left, look ahead they already got you tagged. It is 25mph thru here and they do catch people doing well over 60mph at times.


State Highway 70 East near Westinghouse Drive

Hot Springs, ArkansasFeb 15, 20081 Comments

When going west on Highway 70 East there is a trap at the bridge for the Westinghouse drive exit. At about 3:00 pm the trooper sits behind the sand buckets and is so well hidden that you will not likely notice him until you are within a few feet from him. There is really no time to slow down so please watch your speed. The trooper usually stays through rush hour.


US Highway 70 East near Martin Luther King Bypass

Hot Springs, ArkansasFeb 11, 20081 Comments

The officers sit behind the sand buckets just under the bridge at the Westinghouse exit. They make sure to hide their cars well so that they are not visible until you are about 15-20 feet away from them (too close to slow down). They usually are there from about 3:30 pm to 5 pm. On this highway I wouldn’t go over the 55mph speed limit because they seem to be watching more and more as well as finding better hiding places.


Martin Luther King Bypass near Carpenter Dam Road

Hot Springs, ArkansasFeb 11, 20080 Comments

An officer sits just on the Carpenter Dam on-ramp for the King Bypass heading toward Malvern Ave. He hides just on the other side of the hill so that unsuspecting passers get caught. He hides so that you have passed him without ever being able to see him. Although people shouldn’t speed this does seem to be a very dirty trick.


Golf Links Road near State Highway 270

Hot Springs, ArkansasNov 12, 20070 Comments

From the Shady Grove Road crossroads to Malvern Ave. (Hwy 270) the speed limit is 35 MPH. There is a hidden area that they sit and wait for speeders. Anyone doing more than 6 MPH over is ticketed.

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