Marvell, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Mill St & US Hwy 49

Marvell, ArkansasSep 24, 20090 Comments

Coming into Marvell from Little Rock on 49. The police have been parked on the outbound lane of the highway until they sight you.They may or may not flash the lights.Then abruptly they will speed around you,to get in front of you up the road. Do not make eye contact. I expect the radar is never turned off. If stopped, any and I mean anything can set them off. This is a main route from everywhere west of Marvell to the Casinos in Mississippi.They want to get the money first.

US Highway 49 near Hwy 1 and 49 Crossing

Marvell, ArkansasJul 25, 20060 Comments

They sit at the 45 – 55 limit change at city limits. You don’t see these guys till dark Highly travel highway that goes to the Casino at Helen(15 miles). When stopped one offier was driving, got out came to window and said I was going 58 in a 45.(no way) then he goes back to his car with my license, comes back after about 10-12 minutes. I ask if he was certified to run radar He said yes sir I said I want to see it, He then motions for somone in his car another officer from the passenger side steps out. the first officer says he wants to see your radar certification, the second officer says Ok it back a the station, I say ok he says you will have to follow us up there, I say that is fine then he says I don’t know if we can get to it the Chief may have it locked up, so we go back into town to the station,the officer that was not driving when I was pulled over is now driving, when we got to the station I ask the officer that was driving which one of you wre driving when you pulled me over he said I was ( you see it was very easy to tell them apart one was black and one was white) this is a town of maybe 2000,when we get to the station there are TWO women working in this office at 11:30pm on a Saturday night???? and of course about 10 seconds after he steps in the building he says you will have to come back Monday the chief has it locked up. My wife says he wasn’t speeding we were just dicussing those cars coming at us with such bright lights we were traveing about 48 and we were in the 55 he says no you were going 55 in a 45.. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 58. These guys can’t get their story straight…Then he writes out the ticket marks 55 in 45. 11 to 15 MPH over DUH,,,, 55-45=10 right,BEWARE OF THIS TOWN go through Forrest City pass by if AT ALL POSSIBLE..

US Highway 49 near State Route 243

Marvell, ArkansasOct 31, 20040 Comments

Highway is under contruction (widening) with orange barrels of both sides of the road. Police sit in a lot on the east side of town where city limit is unclear to someone not familiar with the area. I was told I was clocked at 59 in a 45. When I asked where the limit changed (from 45 to 55) I was told "about 1/4 mile down the road." Alleged violation took place at 9:30 on a Saturday night. Fine is $110. If I come to court I can have it reduced to a "municipal charge" (whatever that is) to keep points off my record. Wait a minute. I thought this occurred inside of city limits? This is nothing more than a money grab!

State Highway 49

Marvell, ArkansasSep 27, 20022 Comments

This small town depends on traffic tickets for revenue. There are only 2 policeman on duty, the Chief and his only officer. They can always be found sitting at the community center just east of town, this is where the trap is located. The real kicker is they will stop you for speeding but then they will issue you a ticket for Hazzardous Driving. They claim they’re doing you a favor.

U.S. Hwy 49 E.

Marvell, ArkansasSep 26, 20020 Comments

City Chief at edge of the city limits.

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