Alameda, California Speed Traps

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Otis Drive near Park Street

Alameda, CaliforniaJun 17, 20050 Comments

when going towards alameda southshore or the beach driving down park st… few times there would be an motorcycle officer hiding behind a car by the AAA insurance agency which is on the corner of park st and otis dr. this isnt alameda police’ primary choice to hide at, but second choice if theirs construction work going on in park st.

another would be about 2 motorcycle officers hiding in the alleyway/parking lot behind washington mutual bank. its a very narrow parking lot and probably the best hiding spot for police to cite you. this is located on Otis Dr. and in between of Washington Mutual Bank & Wells Fargo on Otis Dr.

these 2 locations refer to the 10am-2pm time range; possible to be eariler or later.

also an FYI to everyone, every end of the month, more alameda officers are out there to get you for anything as they are trying to get quota and keep there jobs. drive safe!

Park Street near Otis dr and Clinon

Alameda, CaliforniaJun 02, 20051 Comments

The hottest spot in alameda, park st would be "park st. & san antonio ave" between 12pm-2pm. their are from at least 2-5 motorcycle officers hiding on the sidewalk of san antonio ave clocking drivers on speed limits and watching for those who do not obey pedestrians. as the crosswalk always has people crossing constantly, if you see a foot on the crosswalk, prepare to STOP immediately. even if the pedestrian signals you to go, you will still get cited.

another hot spot is park st and clinton ave which is a little after san antonio ave comming from the bridge towards southshore. i live on this area of residential and between 12pm-2pm, their would be 1 or 2 officers hiding in peoples driveways using parked cars as a shield to clock speeders or find anything that can get you for a violation

Harbor Bay Parkway near Aviation School

Alameda, CaliforniaApr 18, 20050 Comments

On Harbor Bay Parkway just after Dolittle drive, cruisers and/or motorcycle cops troll for perps, hiding in the aviation school parking lot. Note, posted speed limit is 45; average speed is 60.

Fernside Boulevard near Fairview Avenue

Alameda, CaliforniaSep 08, 20040 Comments

As people get off the 880 freeway and cross the High St Bridge into Alameda, many people take Fernside Blvd southbound. Quite often, motorcycle officers are waiting at the corner of Fairview Ave for the poor drivers that forget that Alameda has a 25mph limit throughout the island. After getting off the freeway, it is often hard to remember this speed limit. They don’t need to hide too much because the street bends in a way that makes it very hard to see them until it is too late. They will often use a parked car as shield when clocking you, so you have even less of a chance to see them.


Alameda, CaliforniaJul 20, 20040 Comments

As you come out of the inbound Tube and go over the little overpass. This is a tricky one because the tube’s speed limit is 40 , but as soon as you hit the overpass the limit is 35 and pretty as you reach the top of the overpass (barely and 1/8 of a mile if that much) it drops to 25. During mroning rush usually on Friday there’s a motorcycle cop sitting at the bottom of the hill after the traffic light obscured by some trees. People come out of the tub is bursts so more often than not he’ll pull over 4 or 5 cars at a time. If you’re observant you can switch to the left turning quickly and he probably won’t chase you down. Just don’t look to obvious.

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