Baker, California Speed Traps

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Between Baker and Shoshone

Baker, CaliforniaFeb 19, 20111 Comments

In Baker right by the Mad Greek Resturant is Rt. 127 to Shoshone, there is nothing between the 2 towns, but it is radar patrolled by CHP

Interstate 15 near Baker Grade

Baker, CaliforniaJul 26, 20061 Comments

This area is known as the "bloody Baker Grade", as people tend to fly down this 6% downgrade at speeds in excess of 100 mph, which goes for 17 miles. There are "radar signs" which tell you your speed as you go down it, making radar detectors go off, but after seeing the sign, people just ignore the radar warning and keep going. But lo and behold, the section is indeed patrolled by aircraft and the CHP has no mercy for drivers that fly down that grade.

Interstate 15 near Baker Grade to CA/NV Border

Baker, CaliforniaApr 04, 20040 Comments

Don’t even think about hauling on the 15 to and from Vegas without a good radar detector and a second pair of eyes looking overhead and to the rear. This stretch of the 15 has it all: X-band drones (meant to lock up cheap radar detectors while officers shoot at you with Ka-band radar or LIDAR), K-band trailers, a photo enforcement testing area (although current law outlaws speed automated enforcement), and occasional use of an airplane (VASCAR, although it too is illegal as per CVC 40802(a)(1)). Be also aware of the stealth Camaros. I saw three of them over a weekend, and it appears that their victims were either ill-equipped or caught off-guard: a family van and two sport compacts.

Interstate 15 both ways

Baker, CaliforniaApr 01, 20021 Comments

CHP regularly patrols the infamous Baker grade and I-15 in the few miles up to the Nevada border. Don’t even think about speeding past the border. Fortunately the speed limit does not decrease when entering into Stateline/ Prim NV. Beware that Nevada State Police and CHP both heavily patrol their sides of the border. However, NV State Police usually leave their radars on constantly (unlike CHP) so they are easily detected.


Baker, CaliforniaNov 01, 20010 Comments

Travelling between Southern California and Las Vegas, there’s a 50% chance of seeing someone pulled over getting a ticket within twenty miles either side of Baker.

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