Canyon Lake, California Speed Traps

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Goetz & Railroad Canyon Street near Canyon Lake east dock

Canyon Lake, CaliforniaSep 13, 20080 Comments

There’s a 25-mph speed limit due to a Construction Zone on the curve where Goetz Rd becomes Railroad Canyon. While the construction Has be halted due to financial problem, the 25 mph speed is both posted on legal sign and painted on the street: totals are 16 times eastbound and 13 times westbound in an 1/8 mile stretch.
It gets dangerous for anyone slowing down to the posted speed as people come right up on your bumper, but if you try to go faster you chance getting a ticket.
Because of the permanent 25 mph signs & markings, and because the developers ran out of cash, this zone could be in effect for Years & provide Canyon Lake with a steady cash cow!

Railroad Canyon Road near Sorrel Lane

Canyon Lake, CaliforniaMar 19, 20080 Comments

Heading east just before Sorrel Lane the road tops a small rise then dropping into a shallow canyon continuously curving to the left until reaching the bottom of the canyon at witch point the road straightens out for less than .1 mile then brakes right to top the rise and drop down the hill narrowing down to one lane. The median is full of foliage and the street lighting ends just before you come into this trap.

Railroad Canyon Road

Canyon Lake, CaliforniaOct 03, 20070 Comments

Radar Chopper Copper sits on the sides streets of Railroad Canyon Dr. Right by the Canyon Lake Community Christian Church and surrounding area

Railroad Canyon Drive near Fire Station

Canyon Lake, CaliforniaJun 07, 20070 Comments

When driving West bound on Railroad Canyon drive to the 15 freeway from Canyon Lake, once you pass the fire station on your left there is a green construction fence that Sheriff motor cycle officers sit behind and radar people.. They seem to be there most mornings… Good luck!

Railroad Canyon Blvd Boulevard near Entrance to Canyon Lake Crossing

Canyon Lake, CaliforniaApr 06, 20060 Comments

CHP park around all the curves along Railroad Canyon from the bottom entrance to Canyon Lake all the way to the 15 Fwy. I’ve seen as many as 8 CHP at a time along this stretch of road.

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