El Segundo, California Speed Traps

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Sepulveda Blvd. at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)

El Segundo, CaliforniaMar 19, 20100 Comments

Police officer on motorbike on southbound at 96th Street. Same cop also waits on the northbound just as you come out of the tunnel. Got a ticket yesterday on northbound.

California Street and E. Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CaliforniaDec 14, 20090 Comments

When exiting the 105 West onto Imperial Highway. A driver is exiting from the freeways regular speed of 65 mph to 50 mph. The speed limit is too low when exiting. Imagine going 70mph on the 50 mph street zone. You are already going 20mph over the speed limit within a short distance! Especially if you are going downhill onto the street. Then there are police just to the right of you when exiting.

Nash Street near Mariposa Avenue

El Segundo, CaliforniaOct 30, 20070 Comments

One-way heading Eastbound. 4+ lane street that has VERY low levels of traffic, virtually NO cross traffic, and all green lights. At the time of my ticket, there were only 3 other cars on that street. Officer was waiting on Westbound side of street just south of Mariposa. Posted limit is 35. Officer noted traffic levels were "medium", when in fact they were LOW.

Vista Del Mar Street near US Highway Imperial

El Segundo, CaliforniaOct 19, 20070 Comments

Going North on Highland Ave. (which turns into Vista Del Mar) out of Manhattan Beach after 45th Street. This area is what El Segundo Police Department refers to as the "S" Curves. The speed limit is posted at 45 MPH and while going North I have never seen someone drive that slow. Even on a rush hour morning and the heavy traffic, the slowest that I have ever driven is 55 MPH. The Police officers will cite on your ticket that the traffic going North is Medium. The only way it can be Heavy is if there was an accident. In the 5 years that I have taken this road I have never witnessed any accidents while heading Northbound. Heading Southbound is a different story since the traffic is heading into a residential area. The traffic light at Grand Ave remains primarily green unless a vehicle is sitting at the light. There are always Police Officers patrolling the area, but what gets on my nerves is about once a month 5 or 6 motorcycle police officers will sit in the driveway of El Segundo Plant LLC and in between the vegetation with their Radar guns.

Vista Del Mar Street near Between 42nd St and Grand Street

El Segundo, CaliforniaOct 09, 20070 Comments

The motorcycle officer sits off to as you come around where Highland turns into Vista Del Mar. It’s a nice curve hugging downhill drive and he’s usually sitting just before the light on Grand and is more than happy to catch you speeding either North or South bound. Easy to get caught doing 62 in a 45. WATCH OUT!

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