Foothill Ranch, California Speed Traps

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N/B Alton Pkwy Between Towne Center and Portola Pkwy

Foothill Ranch, CaliforniaAug 25, 20130 Comments

Speed limit south of Towne Center is 40 MPH with an 85th percentile of 43 mph, the minute you cross Town Center the speed drops to 35 mph. and the Deputy, who is hiding in the Chevron Gas station driveway cites you right as you come into the 35 mph zone. North of Portola Pkwy the speed goes back to 40 mph. The deputies are citing a stretch of roadway which has a lower 35 mph posting, which is only .17 miles long (length of less than 2 football fields).

Bake Parkway near Rue De Fortuna

Foothill Ranch, CaliforniaJun 09, 20080 Comments

Usually a motorcycle officer, usually only during school crossing hours (when crossing guards are on duty). The officer will usually sit on Bake, just out of view from the corner of Rue De Fortuna, making sure people stop completely on Rue De Fortuna turning to Bake Pkwy. ALso will sometimes hang out on Cabriole. It seems like they are also watching for people illegally turning left into the shopping center just down the hill. They DO have radar but typically are only after stopping / turning violations.

Baffin Bay Drive near Bake Parkway

Foothill Ranch, CaliforniaJun 09, 20080 Comments

Typically a motorcycle office using Ka band RADAR, but I have received a LIDAR ping once. If the car next to you is driving UNDER the speed limit, follow their speed. These officers will pull you over based on your bumper passing another car’s bumper. DRIVE AWARE, DRIVE SAFE!

241 Foothill Transportation Corridor Expressway near Portola Parkway

Foothill Ranch, CaliforniaJun 09, 20080 Comments

Both patrol car and motorcycle officers. I ping both Ka and K band on this road, Haven’t pinged LIDAR but I got nabbed by LIDAR a few miles down the road on the 133, so be careful!

Usually they will sit behind the orange cones just after the toll plaza, but will often hang out under the over-pass just before the toll plaza, heading both directions. They are very aggressive during rush-hour, just drive 60MPH or match slow-lane speed! I see someone pulled over almost DAILY!

Glen Ranch Road near Portola Road

Foothill Ranch, CaliforniaDec 01, 20070 Comments

Motorcycle cop sits on the corner of Glenn Ranch Road and Portola with Radar or Lidar catching people going down Glen Ranch Road (west). Usually around 8am to 10am in the morning. Will pull you over! He crosses the lanes and gets you as you turn to go right on Portola (going north). Gets you if you are going 55 MPH or higher. Caution!

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