Fresno, California Speed Traps

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Palm Ave; south of Sierra Avenue to Shaw Ave.

Fresno, CaliforniaJan 30, 20111 Comments

Unlike surrounding mayor streets the speed on Palm, north of Shaw, is 35 mph. MC copS park way-in on side streets waiting for anyone driving 5 miles over speed limit. Recently, they are preferring to do this at dark (5pm and on). I was traveling on main roads with posted speed limit of 40 and then turned into Palm… was traveling 46 as I thought 5 miles over 40 was still safe. MC gave me ticket; which ultimately was 11 miles over posted speed limit. After fine, processing, and traffic school I ended paying almost $300. Manny street N-S bounds around Blackstone north of Shaw are 35 and not at 40 as many of the surrounding streets. Be safe!

West Shaw: between Golden State and 99

Fresno, CaliforniaJan 30, 20110 Comments

Posted speed limit @ this portion of W. Shaw Ave is 35 MPH (the rest is @ 40). MC cops park on both sides of Shaw (but prefer south of Shaw) with radar. Sit a little hidden by cyclone fence and those east bound poor souls coming off of freeway (65 mph) and used to the average 40 mph can’t accurately gage the 35 mph. I pass by everyday and everyday they have 2 to 3 cars stopped giving them tickets. Be aware, be safe!

Northbound Hwy. 41,Just north of woodward park

Fresno, CaliforniaNov 04, 20100 Comments

CHP hides just beyond big brick wall. You can’t see him until you get next to him, and be then it’s to late. It’s also down hill so you are picking up speed really easy. Speed limit is 65 mph. This patrol car gets one after another……….

Highway 180 at Hayes Ave.

Fresno, CaliforniaMay 26, 20100 Comments

West bound on Hwy 180 just east of Hayes Ave a passing lane startes and at the next street Bryan a CHP MC will be parked with radar on especially on the afternoon commute home to Kerman from Fresno. Be careful to not speed up after passing the mc, because another CHP will be just down the Hwy waiting for you again.

Southbound Golden State Blvd coming off southbound 99

Fresno, CaliforniaMay 17, 20100 Comments

Further details: First posted in 2004, this trap is a perennial Happy Hunting Ground. Setup is perfect for a radar trap: speed limit is 65 on hiway 99, 55 on GS. Many drivers stay at 65 coming off 99, ignore or miss speed limit sign, and due to dip into and rise coming out of the underpass onto GS are locked on radar before they realize it. Trees in Golden State median provide visual distraction for radar unit (always a motorcycle). This is also posted as Golden State and Church, where the stop is usually made. There are no cross streets on GS until Church (GS is the old "freeway"). A divided hiway, very light traffic and inattentive drivers make this a "Golden" revenue source.

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