Healdsburg, California Speed Traps

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ALL Hwy101 Between Healdsburg and Geyserville

Healdsburg, CaliforniaSep 06, 20110 Comments

I live locally and its to the point of ridiculous how many police patrol this stretch of road…I literally see someone and usually two someones pulled over in this stretch nearly every time I travel it which is a couple times a day…Today I counted 5 separate patrol cars on this stretch of road during the drive into Healdsburg…Maybe its the Casino or maybe they are looking for marijuana shipments coming from the north, but whatever it is it feels like overkill at the very least and fascism at the worst!!!…This has been this way for a year or so and it really feels like borderline harassment to the locals.

North of Canyon Rd. Southbound 101

Healdsburg, CaliforniaApr 09, 20100 Comments

CHP hides behind shrubs just before the slight bend to the right and just before the start of a slight incline. Radar he has you before you can slow!

US Highway 101 near exit

Healdsburg, CaliforniaJun 25, 20080 Comments

CHP Car pulls way back on a very wide turn-out where big trucks tend to spend the night, about 5 miles south of Geyserville

US Highway 101 near Central Ave. Off Ramp

Healdsburg, CaliforniaMay 26, 20070 Comments

CHP locates his vehicle among the Redwood and other trees and shrubs. He is then out of the vehicle and shooting from cover of shade and branches. There are several spots along the corridor (about 2-3 miles) where there is cover for this operation. On and off ramps are a favorite.

West Dry Creek Road near Westside Road

Healdsburg, CaliforniaDec 04, 20060 Comments

Officer parks in drivway at bottom of low hill and shoots radar north east at the crest of the hill. Near the crest of the hill travelling south west, the road widens noticably. Beyond the hill (to the south west) is a wide, straight strech of roadway. The speed limit changes from 30mph to 40mph 3/4 of the way down the hill, above the officer. The 40mph sign becomes visable before the motorist clears the hill. Citations are issued for speeds exceeding 30mph comming down the hill, even though the speed limit has increased to 40mph before the spot where the officer is parked.

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