Long Beach, California Speed Traps

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Santa Fe Ave between Dominguez St and Carson St

Long Beach, CaliforniaApr 29, 20100 Comments

Southbound on Santa Fe when you pass Dominguez St it’s a 25mph zone in front of the Dominguez Middle School when kids are coming and going. The cops sit on one of the many small side streets on motorcycles and get people one after the other. I Always drive 25 through there when I’m going to work. I’ve watched quite a few people get mad and go zippin around me only to get a ticket. That’s what they get… No Speeding in a school zone! That’s what the freeway is for. 🙂
I’ve seen a couple people stopped on the northbound side, but not too many, mostly going south.

Long Beach Blvd South from NB 405 offramp

Long Beach, CaliforniaApr 19, 20100 Comments

Long Beach Blvd South from NB 405 offramp. As you exit the freeway, there is a tricky no-signal left turn (Atlantic offramp is preferable, and not too much out of the way). Once on LB Blvd, however it is wide open for 1/2 mile with 35 mph posted speed. Just coming off the frwy, it is easy to go 40-50 mph without being reckless. I never saw the motorcycle cop until the rollers went on. Four hundred bucks not including the elevated insurance premiums.

1st St/ between Pine Ave and Long Beach Blvd.

Long Beach, CaliforniaApr 06, 20101 Comments

This is technically not a speed trap, but it is what I consider entrapment. The section of 1st St between Pine and LB Blvd is Buses And Trains Only, however, it is Poorly marked and the city knows it. There is normally at least one, if not two to three, patrol vehicles parked at the midway point (The Promenade) between the ICB and Renaissance Hotel buildings Every night. My condo balcony overlooks this and on a weekend evening, the flashing lights are consistant. Be careful – I have warned visiting friends and they have even made this mistake after being warned!

on Atlantic between harding and artesia

Long Beach, CaliforniaApr 05, 20100 Comments

There is motorcycle cops mainly during school hours (Jordan high school). They are there mainly in the morning before school starts and after school ends. Beware of the school busses in this area, when they have the stop sign is on do not go around them. Many people have gotten tickets for this!! Again they are there mainly during school hours!!

E Willow St. between Orange Ave. and California Ave.

Long Beach, CaliforniaMar 16, 20100 Comments

A police SUV parks in the left turn lane at Lemon facing East on Willow right across from the Sunnyside Cemetery to catch westbound people speeding down the hill from Walnut. He likes the early morning rush hour traffic especially when it is dark and he keeps his lights off to make it hard to see him. To the unsuspecting who do see him, he may just look like someone waiting for the traffic to clear before turning left. This is an intermittent trap. After enough people wise up they go somewhere else for awhile until people forget and then they come back to nail more unsuspecting people coming down the hill.

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