Loomis, California Speed Traps

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Horseshoe Bar Road & Taylor Road

Loomis, CaliforniaNov 04, 20120 Comments

A sleepy old town off of interstate 80. We found it a easy off and on I-80 during winter ski weekends. CHP parks their cars along I-80 and leaves their trunk open and up where you cannot see the light bars or the Highway patrol logo on the trunk. When a speeder goes by the punch the gas and the trunk closes. By then its too late and they pull over the speeder. Downtown Loomis we usually eat at a subway and sit outside and watch the local law pull over car after car despite people obviously selling drugs in broad day light from sidewalk tables adjacent to a tiny coffee shop.

Loomis CA

Loomis, CaliforniaJul 06, 20100 Comments

The only exit for Loomis is the Horshoe Bar exit. That exit has the Placer County Sheriffs Office which means the odds of you getting pulled over is real good. In the shopping center across the street is a Starbucks and a Raleys which contains a Peet’s coffee. I stop at the shopping center to and from Tahoe for years and ever time I have stopped there were several Police cars parked in front of both of the mentioned coffee shops. We have watched the CHIPPIES use the parking lot to stop cars several times. I found out the CHIPPIE office is a couple of exits away. On one side of the freeway there is an open lot which seems to have big rigs pulled over by the CHIPPIES.

Between the Horseshoe Bar exit and the NewCastle exit I have found CHIPPIES just a few feet in front of big rigs while they are moving up the grade and unsuspecting drivers get pulled over as they fly by them. You cannot see them until you passed them. I have never seen this any where before. Very trickey cops.

Loomis, CA

Loomis, CaliforniaJul 05, 20100 Comments

Despite the phrase "speed trap" this small town is no place to go over any posted speed limit not even one mile over. If you are in Loomis Monday to Friday and specifically on Taylor road between King Road to Sierra College Blvd. or on King Road between Sierra College Blvd and Auburn Folsom Road and you go over the speed limit you will be donating money to the court system. Yes the hide quite well and you will only find….they will find you and you will never see them coming. Deputies have individuals who are in plain clothes and will attempt to cross the street in a clearly marked pedestrian crossing in front of your car. I you don’t stop for the pedestrian you will get the biggest ticket they have. My suggestion is to never go over the speed limit in Loomis. Keep in mind the town of Loomis has the biggest law enforcement population (locals and from other Police departments) in California but on the other hand the banks are always robbed and they never seem to be able to catch the bad guys. If the bank robbers are speeding away from the bank they will get a ticket.

Taylor Rd., from King Rd west to Sierra College

Loomis, CaliforniaMay 05, 20100 Comments

Placer Sheriff hides along side business walls and other obscure places. Part of this route is 25mph zone. I have seen them park back from the street, and stand behind trees or phone poles and zap you, then radio to another deputy. They also do this very early in the mornings, even on Sundays when there is little traffic. It is one of the most oppressive applications of traffic enforcement anywhere around.
Sometimes they do park in plain sight however.

Interstate 80

Loomis, CaliforniaJul 22, 20080 Comments

Loomis lies on the stretch between Sacramento and North Lake Tahoe. This route is travelled heavily during ski season, as it’s the only direct route to North Tahoe. The CHP sets up aircraft traps in Loomis to catch unwary people in a hurry to get to the slopes, and seem to specialize in cars with ski racks that can be seen from the plane. Don’t look for cops on the side of the road or onramps – by the time you see them, the plane’s already busted you.

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