Los Gatos, California Speed Traps

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Pollard Rd. @ Naramore Ln.

Los Gatos, CaliforniaMay 09, 20170 Comments

Heading eastbound on Pollard Rd. Bike cop hiding behind the bushes/signs of an entrance to a condo/townhome/HOA community (Naramore Ln). A few blocks right before the trap you have a decent stretch of 4 lanes going downhill under Hwy 85, and you naturally pickup speed, so it’s the perfect speed trap for the opportunist traffic cop.

Winchester Blvd. @ Wild Way (Lark Ave./by the fire station)

Los Gatos, CaliforniaMay 09, 20170 Comments

Heading northbound on Winchester Blvd., same bike cop seen trapping on Pollard Rd. He’s right next door to the Winchester Fire station (just south of Lark Ave.), using the trees/bushes as cover again at the Wild Way entrance. That section of Winchester has another decent stretch of 4 straight lanes going slightly downhill right before the trap, and again you naturally gain some speed. This guy picks some pretty good spots to hide his motorcycle.

Pollard Rd. @ Bracebridge Ct.

Los Gatos, CaliforniaMay 09, 20170 Comments

Police cruiser parked in a spot on the median of Pollard Rd. hidden by a house’s overgrown trees/bushes. From the NW/north direction – you won’t see him until you’re right on top of him. If coming east/SE, you’ll be exiting a curve, so you’ll see him at the last minute from that direction too, but less so.

Los Gatos Rd eastbound. Two blocks before Blossom Hill Rd

Los Gatos, CaliforniaAug 04, 20160 Comments

Los Gatos Rd changes from 2 lanes to 4 lanes, after the school crossing, two blocks before Blossom Hill Rd. For 2 blocks on the 4 lane road, the speed limit remains 25mph. A radar officer sits beside the 25mph sign, after the first block. After I was stopped, for going 39mph, I watched him stop 5 more drivers, in the next 20 minutes. Every time the light changed, the driver in the fast lane was assuming 35mph and getting stopped and cited.

CA 17 SB

Los Gatos, CaliforniaJun 22, 20140 Comments

About midway while passing by Vasona Reservoir the speed limit drops to 55. The sign is partially obscured by vegetation, and furthermore at 65 in the right lane it’s visible for only 1.5 seconds. If you’re looking somewhere else, or in the left lane, you’ll miss it. CHP likes to hide on the right side just after the hwy 9 NB exit and watch for you.

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