Meadow Vista, California Speed Traps

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Clipper Gap Exit on Interstate 80

Meadow Vista, CaliforniaJun 04, 20100 Comments

As Interstate 80 straightens-out and begins a substantial downgrade pass the Applegate Exit on Westbound I-80, inattentive motorists will find that there speed increases without being fully aware of that speed. Unfortunately, the CHP has found that this location is a very lucrative production line for the issuance of tickets for speeding. They are not out on the road looking for that speeding in and out of any lane ‘accident waiting to happen driver’ nor are they out looking for tailgaters, drunks, or road hogs. On almost a weekly basis (Weekends and Holidays), they sit there in great numbers racking up speeding ticket fines on unsuspecting safe drivers who, unfortunately, often do not realize that they are speeding.

Meadow vista

Meadow Vista, CaliforniaMay 04, 20100 Comments

This is one of the most commie speed traps in the state. The circumstances are perfect for anyone heading west bound. The approach is a three lane down hill, so you tend to get up over 75 unless you brake. The po-po are sitting on the other side of the bridge where you won’see it coming until your passing under the bridge and they’ve clocked you already…
I’m sure they are only there to raise money for this broke state we live in… Ps: they haven’t gotten me yet because I “shadow” another car as I go by…

Meadow Vista West Bound (I-80 Onramp)

Meadow Vista, CaliforniaJan 17, 20100 Comments

Most every Friday through Sunday, the CHP sit and hide on the Meadow Vista West Bound I-80 onramp and pick off speeders as they come down the hill towards Auburn. As many as 6 CHP cars are waiting to ruin your day! Slow down by Applegate exit to avoid a ticket. CHP have also been known to park on the next westbound exit (Dry Creek Road) and aim a speed gun at oncoming cars.

US Highway Highway 80 West Bound near Clipper Gap Road

Meadow Vista, CaliforniaMar 22, 20081 Comments

Highway 80 west bound at Clipper Gap. Numerous CHP officers sit at the on ramp to 80 at Clipper Gap and use radar to clock vehicles heading west bound on 80 toward sacramento. I have seen as many as 8 vehicles pulled over at a time. After the driver is ticketed, the CHP officer goes back to Clipper Gap to wait for the next victim. This speed trap is most active on Weekends and Holidays. To avoid a ticket, slow down at least a mile prior to Clipper Gap.

Interstate 80

Meadow Vista, CaliforniaSep 05, 20050 Comments

CHP is hidden on the onramp to westbound US80 at the Meadow Vista interchange. They cannot be seen until you pass the onramp and they have clocked you. They are constantly there.They seem to leave you alone unless you are going over 70 – 75.

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