Oakland, California Speed Traps

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State Highway 24 near Just West of the 13 Freeway Loop Bypass

Oakland, CaliforniaJul 17, 20070 Comments

Just after leaving the Caldicott tunnel heading towards San Francisco on 24 West … past the 13 freeway loop, there is sometimes a patrol officer sitting on a motorcycle with a hand held radar detector and a communication device on his helmet. As the road turns to the right, he is hiding in the blind spot to the right side of the road. He is invisible until you are about two blocks from him. If you are speeding down this rather sharp decline, the officer will contact a patrol car parked about 1/4 down the highway at the Telegraph ave. exit. He will persue with his lights on and issue a ticket. 70 mph is acceptable… anything more is a violation.

Shepard Canyon Road near Moore Avenue

Oakland, CaliforniaJun 10, 20070 Comments

Hidden radar with motorcycle police posted downhill

State Highway 24 Westbound near College Avenue

Oakland, CaliforniaJun 08, 20070 Comments

Officer aims the speed gun at traffic going westbound, toward downtown Oakland and San Francisco, radios ahead to several officers waiting for the call. The trap is at College Avenue in the Rockridge section of Oakland.

Skyline Boulevard near Manzanita Drive

Oakland, CaliforniaMar 31, 20070 Comments

Skyline, Manzanita Dr, Shepherd Canyon Rd, and Snake Rd are all heavily infested with motorcycle cops, patrol cars and the latest is a new Photo Radar box that appears to be currently being tested near the fire station. The intersection of Manzanita, Skyline and Shepherd’s Canyon is a favorite trap – especially during rush hours and weekends. However, recently radar is being used in the off hours more as well.

Keller Avenue near Above I 580

Oakland, CaliforniaApr 11, 20050 Comments

As you come down Keller from Skyline at the bottom of the hill were three moto cops. They all used the same gun attached by cord to a motorcycle in the centerisland.

A cop said I was doing fifty in a 35. The speed is unduly restrcitive for a large avenue of four lanes and such a huge hill to come down. You would have to ride your brakes in second gear just to go that slow. The cop lied about showing me the gun and the speed on it. The gun never left the bike in the center island. If any of these cops lies to you, we could confront them as a group for the sham they pulled on us. I am convinced that many people I saw were not even speeding, yet everyone got a ticket, that they aimed the gun at.

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