Redwood City, California Speed Traps

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Redwood shores parkway @ cringle drive

Redwood City, CaliforniaMay 06, 20100 Comments

The only intersection on the entire strip of redwood shores pkwy, located at cringle drive, that does not have a stop sign! Police vehicle sits on the right as you drive towards 101. Because this intersection is the only one without a stop sign, EVERYONE tends to speed up a little bit for that stretch between stop signs (which is two very large blocks) there has been much debate whether or not to add a stop sign at this intersection…lower your speed, they tagged me at 40–in a 35?!?

Woodside Road westbound almost to 280 onramp

Redwood City, CaliforniaMar 06, 20100 Comments

Eastbound Woodside Road is 45 mph most of the way downhill. Now westbound has been changed to have a 35 mph zone (according to sheriff about 9 months ago) right AFTER the posted 45 mph zone. There is a smaller sign saying 35 mph zone ahead and then another small 35 mph sign and almost right before you get on the onramp turnoff for 280, the officer was parked on a side dirt road aiming with radar.

Farmhill Blvd.

Redwood City, CaliforniaMar 01, 20102 Comments

Motorcycle cops with radar parked on the side of the road or on the sidewalk .

Redwood Shores Parkway near Open Field Near Power Lines

Redwood City, CaliforniaJun 12, 20080 Comments

Near the end of Redwood Shores Parkway heading east-bound just past the school is the Shearwater Parkway intersection. As you continue east on Redwood Shores through this intersection, there is a large open field on your right with high-tension power lines crossing N-S. Several Redwood City motorcycle cops have been seen sitting in the maintenance driveway on the right using radar.
USE CAUTION! As you pass the open field, the posted speed limit drops from 35mph to 25mph once you cross the water-way and pass Radio Road.

Jefferson Ave. & Woodside Rd. Road

Redwood City, CaliforniaFeb 16, 20081 Comments

Redwood City Police department is setting up motorist with an officer crossing the street in a crosswalk. Any motorists that fail to stop for pedestrian are pulled over and cited by one of the 6-8 motorcycle cops that are working in conjuction with the fellow officer in the cross-walk. Beware I have seen this thre times in the past 4 months. Occurring infront of the Cheveron station on Woodside road and/or Jefferson avenue with-in the first few blocks west of El Camino Real.

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