Riverside, California Speed Traps

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First underpass after entering 60 West from University Ave.

Riverside, CaliforniaMay 03, 20130 Comments

There is a CHP patrol car hiding behind guardrails shooting laser at people going westbound under the overpass. Be careful and watch your speed in this area!

Base of Mount Rubidoux

Riverside, CaliforniaNov 17, 20122 Comments

Sign shows you how fast you are driving then quickly snaps a picture if traveling over posted speed of 30 miles. Road is NOT residential and has four lanes of traffic.

La Sierra and before Indiana

Riverside, CaliforniaJul 27, 20110 Comments

You will see a fat motorcycle cop on the side of the road on La Sierra just before you reach Indiana Ave. He hides on the side with his radar. Wish he invested his time in getting the bad people and leave people who are going to work to make an honest living alone. I’ve seen him get people who have done 2km over the speed limit. Be careful.

Washington between Bradley and Overlook

Riverside, CaliforniaMay 24, 20113 Comments

This is the only 2 lane section after 2-3 miles coming downhill from Van Buren. Cop at the bottom of the hill tagging vehicles trying to pass the slower traffic in this short section. Speed limit is 40 mph.

Alessandro Blvd between Century and Chicago

Riverside, CaliforniaFeb 17, 20112 Comments

Alessandro has been posted at 40MPH between Century and Chicago. However, according to the Engineer’s Speed Survey, the survey was made at Royal Hill, a half mile away from this area and in a middle of a series of curves. To top it off, the surveyed speed is 49MPH, which means the speed limit has to be rounded up to 50MPH. It could then be reduced by 5 if there was something not obvious to drivers, but that would still be 45 mph, not 40. All of these factors violate the rules for making speed surveys. This stretch really is a speed trap, by definition, not just because it sucks!

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