Rolling Hills Estates, California Speed Traps

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located on Palos Verdes Drive north

Rolling Hills Estates, CaliforniaFeb 22, 20110 Comments

Sheriff cruiser is completely hidden on north side of street near Wildshore drive and Palos Verdes Drive to east bound PVD traffic . He will see you before you see him. Works mid afternoons weekdays.

PV Drive North between PV Dr East and the car wash

Rolling Hills Estates, CaliforniaJan 11, 20110 Comments

This section of 4 lane is divided by trees, plantings, and foliage. There is a lot of vegetation, and the RHCC has many parking lots that offer concealment for the LASD. West bound, they will set up at the bottom of the hill across from the main part of the campus. Eastbound, they set up at the main driveway. Because of the vegetation, many folks don’t even think that there could be a deputy lurking with his radar on.. You know what comes next

On Crest Road near Whitley Collins Dr.

Rolling Hills Estates, CaliforniaApr 17, 20100 Comments

LA Sheriff usually have their radar on aiming both east & west drivers on Crest Rd between Crenshaw Blvd & Highridge Rd. The speed limit is 45mph but non-residents do well over 55.
And sometimes he moves to Crest Rd & La Croix Dr and catching the downhill speeders toward Hawthorne Blvd.

Rolling Hills Road between PV Dr. North & Crenshaw

Rolling Hills Estates, CaliforniaApr 16, 20100 Comments

When going downhill on Rolling Hills Road there is often a patrol vehicle that is hidden behind vegetation near the bridle trail. By the time you can see the vehicle it is too late as it is easy to coast over the 40 mph speed limit if you don’t brake.

Silver Spur Road near Hawthorn e Boulevard

Rolling Hills Estates, CaliforniaApr 03, 20080 Comments

Heading North on Silver Spur (it is a slight uphill) Speed Zone Study is inadmissible due to inaccuracies in the description of the road: It states that there is moderate pedestrian traffic on both sides as well as businesses on both sidees.
Fact: The North side of Silver Spur, a four lane divided highway, with an 85 percentile speed of 44 mph, is posted at 35 mph. Reasons given for this low speed posting are: pedestrian traffic and businesses. The North side of Silver Spur has three large office buildings that back up against a steep rise. Parking lots are in the rear. A small restaurant and a small garden nursery are off a "service road" parallel to Silver Spur, widening this road to 6 lanes, twice divided, at this location.
Proximity to high school is also mentioned. Students have no reason to walk on Silver Spur since more direct access to the homes high above is via Silver Arrow.

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