San Lorenzo, California Speed Traps

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San Lorenzo Hesperian Blvd

San Lorenzo, CaliforniaOct 27, 20100 Comments

CHiP’s on bikes site on Hesperian Blvd. between Hasendia Ave. & Paseo Grande Street.

Many use this as a "commute shortcut avoiding 880." & they sit there all the time (especially mid-mornings) using Lidar/Radar catching people above 45mph in a 35mph zone. Watch out…

Via Alamitos (Between Bockman Rd and Grant Ave)

San Lorenzo, CaliforniaMar 28, 20100 Comments

Police officers will park on the street like any normal car and they will actually get out of their cars with their radar or lidar detectors to clock your speed. Some officers driving cars will park off the curb a little bit just enough so that their car’s radar has a visual of your cars speed ahead of them. At the two stop signs down the street, cops will also check for rolling stops.

Grant Avenue near Channel Street

San Lorenzo, CaliforniaJul 25, 20070 Comments

Cops like to park on the parking lot of Arroyo High School. They park near the exit driveway down at Grant & Channel. They can be found there morning, noon or night. People like to fly down Grant and they know that…. watch out!

Channel Avenue near Bockman Road

San Lorenzo, CaliforniaMar 09, 20060 Comments

Alameda County Sheriff Department makes this road very costly to motorists. It is a residential street, posted 25 MPH. I have been ticketed for 27 MPH. Have had 3 family members ticketed at 30-33 MPH.

Grant Avenue Between Arroyo High School and Hesperian Blvd.

San Lorenzo, CaliforniaSep 08, 20030 Comments

CHP usually tags unsuspecting commuters headed to and from Hesperian Blvd. on this stretch of road. CHP BMW bikes and CHP cars running Ka band radar are very common and light up my Valentine One Radar Detector all day long. Police will set up stationary radar detectors randomly throughout San Lorenzo to show you your vehicle speed.

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