San Luis Obispo, California Speed Traps

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Broad Street near Industrial Way

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaMar 24, 20080 Comments

They just reduced the speed limits all along Broad street from Orcutt Road to the Airport, and they are definitely milking the revenue from unsuspecting motorists. Almost every morning in the past few weeks, I have seen either a motorcycle officer or a patrol car hiding in the driveway on the west side of Broad Street, just north of the Damon-Garcia Sports field with a laser gun hitting traffic or pulling people over. I have only seen them there in the mornings and as late as 1pm, but they may change their tactics, so be careful.

State Highway 227 near 1/2 mile from the Landfill going towards Arroyo grande

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaMar 20, 20080 Comments

The usually sit in the driveway behind tall weeds-so when you are driving on the 227 from Arroyo Grande towards SLO-they catch you coming out of the turns onto the flat way (where everyone is usually going faster)…they also sit there waiting for you to come in the other direction (SLO to AG)after you pass the landfill and are coming down the hill. They are usually there in the morning around 7:30 am and sometimes in the afternoon around 3:00-3:30 pm

Garden Street near Higuera Street

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaFeb 07, 20080 Comments

Two motorcycle cops sit right on the corner behind a sign, next to the store "Crazy Jays", with radar guns out. They catch people speeding through downtown around lunch hour.

South Street near Santa Barbara Street

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaFeb 06, 20080 Comments

Not really a "speed trap" but when you’re going north on Broad Street and come to the intersection of South Street (Hwy 227) and Santa Barbara Street (where the SLO main fire station is), it is illegal to turn right on red and a sign is posted on the street light. A lot of people either don’t see the sign or just ignore it and turn right on red. I have seen a motorcycle cop that sits in the driveway of the firestation and believe it or not, as visible as he is, he is constantly writing up people for turning right on red. I have even been waiting for the light to turn green and had the person behind me honk their horn at me with the policeman sitting 100 feet off to their right. They probably never even knew I saved them a ticket. And it’s a convenient place for the cop to be because he only has to get off his motorcycle and walk a few feet to get all the free hot coffee and doughnuts he can eat. So remember, no right turn on red from Broad Street to Santa Barbara Street!

Chorro Street near Lincoln Street

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaFeb 05, 20080 Comments

If you use Chorro Street to get from 101 to Foothill in order to avoid the recent construction and congestion on Santa Rosa, the police have been monitoring all the stop signs from Lincoln St to Meinecke Ave at various times of the day. I have seen both motorcycle police and squad cars sitting 100 feet or so from the intersections, mostly watching for people that don’t make a complete stop. Hard to really speed since there is a stop sign at just about every block but I have seen the motorcycle cop with a radar gun. So be careful on Chorro Street.

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