San Luis Obispo, California Speed Traps

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Santa Rosa HWY 1 Street near Mill Street

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaDec 24, 20070 Comments

I see the same San Luis Obispo Police SUV parked in the same spot at least 10 times a month later in the evening in a private parking lot on the south side of Santa Rosa street near mill. He’ll have his SUV aimed Northeast and radar detectors can pick him up a good distance away. The speed limit is ridiculous there. In a 2 mile stretch the road goes from a 65mph freeway to 45, then 3 35 mph signs and then finally a 25mph sign right before you get to his position. (Past the Burger King going into town on the right.) I researched this location after getting a ticket (the 85th percentile was 36mph I believe and traffic is generally going anywhere between 35-50 on this large 4lane road + suicide lane) I see him there usually around 10pm or later trying to catch late night drivers enjoying the lack of traffic on the road.

Johnson Avenue near La Cita Court

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaNov 07, 20070 Comments

This speed trap is typically setup by one or two motor cycle cops sitting in a private driveway behind trees almost accross La Cita Ct on Johnson Ave. Officers are monitoring South bound traffic at this location since the road falls downhill from Bishop to the speed trap location. The posted speed limit is 35mph and it is very common that folks will pass me at 45mph going downhill. A guaranteed ticket location if you don’t watch your speedometer.

Johnson Avenue near Ella Street

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaNov 07, 20070 Comments

This frequent speed trap is setup at one of two locations on Johnson Ave in San Luis Obispo. Typically enforced by motor cycle cops hiding in the church’s parking lot behind a tree, they will monitor North bound traffic at this location going downhill starting at Bishop St intersection on Johnson Ave. Posted speed limit is 35mph and almost everyone is driving 45mph.

US Highway 101 Southbound near Maddona Road

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaOct 05, 20070 Comments

Just past the Maddona Road bridge heading south on 101, the freeway curves to the right and visual of the roadway is obscured by foliage. A CHP unit waits on the right side well into the curve and can’t be seen until the last moment. I travel this routed daily morning and evening. CHP presence at this spot is sporadic but typically in the mornings, a guaranteed gotcha.

Los Osos Valley Road near Diablo Drive

San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaOct 05, 20070 Comments

Coming off from the 55 mph speed limit zone that is between Foothill Blvd and the beginning of the residential area, onto the 45 mph zone. Either a motorcycle cop will be on Diablo Dr or be in the recess on the right where one lane turns into two. It’s easy to still be doing 55-60 when hitting the 45 zone.

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