Santa Cruz, California Speed Traps

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Depot Park Round-A-Bout down Pacific Avenue

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaJan 31, 20180 Comments

Tourists and speeding Motorcyclists; watch out with the new Apartment complex built you will not be able to speed through this section to to the Beach, so wear your leather’s or prepare to walk to the beach.

Emeline Avenue

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaAug 13, 20150 Comments

definite speed trap on Emeline Avenue between freeway off ramp of Hwy 1 south and Grant Street. Often between Avalon and Grant Streets where the road takes a slight bend.

Mar Monte Avenue in La Selva Beach

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaJul 04, 20130 Comments

Mar Monte Avenue between Larkin Valley Road and Alta Drive in La Selva Beach. The roadway is rural, contains highway on/off ramps, and low density housing. The County Code says the current speed limit is 30 MPH, but the posted signage is 25 MPH. No traffic survey has been done showing a 25 MPH speed limit is safe and reasonable. Last known traffic survey showed average 85th percentile speed of drivers is 42.2 MPH. CHP is using radar to enforce the 25 MPH posted speed limit and County Code says speed limits are changed when “posted.” Hence, they can post whatever limit they want without any basis and without regard to local law and collect money from drivers which exceed that limit.

End of southbound Hwy 17 where it exits on to Ocean St.

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaMay 09, 20110 Comments

Coming into Santa Cruz from Hwy17 onto Ocean St. the speed limit drops from 55mph to 30mph in about 100 feet just before the overpass. Most of the time normal traffic will slow you before you get into town. But sometimes just before commute times, 6a.m. or 3p.m. two motorcycle cops sit in the intersection and point radar/laser guns up the freeway. Officers on foot at the corner of Pryce and Ocean St. with handheld red lights will step into traffic to wave you over. Sometimes it’s hard, going downhill, coming off the freeway and seeing that green light intersection to slow quickly enough to avoid the ticket. They will ticket for 35mph. I have seen 2 officers writing tickets as fast as possible with 4 cars waiting to be written up.

East Cliff Drive, west of 24th Ave. East Cliff Dr, west of 2

Santa Cruz, CaliforniaFeb 19, 20111 Comments

A CHP motorcycle cop hides behind bush on driveway of what would be 23rd Ave, on south (ocean) side. Most often there on weekend mornings and early afternoon. Has radar gun, but likes belt and phone infractions as well.

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