South Gate, California Speed Traps

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110 Freeway at 105 Interchange

South Gate, CaliforniaMar 21, 20100 Comments

We were in the car pool lane when we saw police pull onto the 110 freeway way down the road in front of us in heavy traffic. The officer aggressively plowed through all the lanes and got next to the car pool lane and slowed down. I always wondered why LA traffic slows down randomly in the middle of the day. When he got next a nice car full of african american women he pulled behind us and turned on the siren like we could go faster than the cars in front of us that slowed down to watch him. We tried to pull out of the car pool lane to head toward an off ramp when we heard him screaming NO NO NO in the bull horn. We had to stop in the middle of the car pool lane, open our windows, and cause traffic to back up so we could hear him. That is when we heard him order us to break the law and pull into the bus stop by the 105 interchange where cars are not allowed. We almost got hit by a bus heading back onto the freeway!!! Big surprise — there is a second police car waiting in the bus stop. These clowns are looping up/down the freeway and slowing down traffic on purpose just to make people mad. He kept his hand on his gun while he ordered me out of the car and acted surprised when he found out I owned the car and it had insurance. I got out my phone to send a picture to the people at the birthday party to explain why we would be late and he ordered me to put it away or he would take it. We were told we were going 15 miles/hour faster that we were actually going and the ticket showed a location in a local neighborhood (like we pulled off the freeway). We were ordered to sign the ticket or we would all be arrested and our car would be impounded.

Tweedy Boulevard

South Gate, CaliforniaDec 04, 20070 Comments

By the park, there will be a cop waiting right before you pass the fountain with the torch on the left hand side, going towards Atlantic.

Garfield Avenue near State Highway Imperial

South Gate, CaliforniaNov 26, 20070 Comments

Traveling South on Garfield towards Imperial from Firestone, a Motorcycle cop waits at the bottom of the bend with an easy pick of the cars travelling too fast.

Garfield Avenue near State Highway Imperial

South Gate, CaliforniaMay 14, 20050 Comments

South Gate PD motorcyle officer(s) will wait with radar/lasers targeting traffic going south on Garfield towards Imperial Highway. Unsuspecting motorists are not aware because of a bend in the road. They also are there in the morning rush.

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