Temecula, California Speed Traps

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Temecula Pkwy/Kevin Pl.

Temecula, CaliforniaApr 17, 20150 Comments

Usually mornings, at the Temecula Creek Villa entrance a motorcycle cop tucks himself back behind signs or back on a strip of grass by the hedges, ready to pull you over

Jefferson and Rancho California

Temecula, CaliforniaSep 30, 20140 Comments

Jefferson is a 45 mph road up until you hit Rancho California. Then it turns to a 25 mph officers wait on motorcycles ready to pounce on you if you don’t slow down fast enough from 45mph to 25mph

Roripaugh rd & Bolandra Ct.

Temecula, CaliforniaDec 06, 20110 Comments

I drop my daughters friend off all the time there he hides behind a tree on the right hand side by the time you can see his bike he has pretty much already printed out your ticket.
watch-out because I got a 38 in a 25 and I was not going that fast. I asked can I fight it I don’t think I was going that fast he said he had me at 298 yard at 38 MPH.BS

I-15 Exit Southbound @ 79, turning right

Temecula, CaliforniaJun 25, 20110 Comments

This TRAP is for turning RIGHT on RED. It’s POSTED but, everyone seems to roll through the intersection, where as many as FOUR motor cycle cops have been seen working the CITATION BANK at a single time.

Be careful, do not turn right on red in TEMECULA unless you are POSITIVE there are no posted signs. It’s the POLICE RETIREMENT FUND.

Margarita Rd between Stonewood Rd and Moraga dr

Temecula, CaliforniaJun 02, 20110 Comments

The M/C cops sit everyday from 1:45p – 3:00pm in from of the Park where the YMCA is, there are 4-5 M/C cops and pull over people everyday, I see at least 15 people daily getting tickets, probably for anything they can think of, my daughter got a ticket for a cracked taillight, I got one for beads hanging on my rear view mirror and a crack in my windshield, They hide in the trees next to the park and one m/c cop hides behind the Apartment building at the Stonewood Rd Apts.

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