Ventura, California Speed Traps

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Telegraph Road – 1 mi. eof Wells Road

Ventura, CaliforniaSep 13, 20100 Comments

I used to park W/B up close to the fence in front of an old doctor’s house. That allowed me to track E/B and W/B vehicles… often 70 and above on a 55 mph max speed road. After I retired, I gave the location to my successor. It was a great cherry patch and the doc loved the fact that I was nailing people for speed. He complained they made it dangerous to pull out of his driveway.

south 101 emma wood area

Ventura, CaliforniaJul 06, 20100 Comments

Air police spot southbound travelers and waiting cop at emma wood on-ramp recieves contact info and pulls motorists over in front of main street offramp.

Eastbound Highway 126 east of Kimball Rd Onramp

Ventura, CaliforniaApr 14, 20101 Comments

CHP typically parks approximately 1/2 way down the easbound Kimball Rd. onramp to Hwy 126 against the sound wall. East bound 126 traffic cannot see the unit parked and with the radar or ladar on, by the time they appear in your mirror, it is too late. Very effective trap but if you stay 8 miles/hour or less over, they typically (but not always) will leave you alone.

Foothill east of Petit

Ventura, CaliforniaApr 10, 20100 Comments

Ventura PD will sit just beyond Petit hiding beside the Acocado orchards

Kimball and Telephone Rd.

Ventura, CaliforniaApr 06, 20100 Comments

Moto hides behind the Shell gas station looking for speeders and rolling stops turning Northbound Kimball and Westbound Telephone.

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