Ventura, California Speed Traps

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North Bank Road near Petit Road

Ventura, CaliforniaMar 11, 20080 Comments

Police Car or Motorcycle cop. Hides in little pullout where Petit deadends. Also seen on NorthBank just befor the 4-way stop and on Petit by the little park. They’re not only looking for speeders but folks who constantly roll (Don’t stop completely) thru the stop signs. Lots of tickets in this area.

Kimball Road near Foothill Road

Ventura, CaliforniaFeb 11, 20080 Comments

Motorcycle hidden in church entrance on East side of Kimball aimed at people coming up the hill toward Foothill. Also seem black & white facing south on the West side of Kimball in the same area. Speed limit is 40 but was 50 not all that long ago.

Seaward Avenue near Overhead Bridge – Railroad Crossing

Ventura, CaliforniaJan 07, 20080 Comments

Driving north on Seaward Avenue, just past the bridge, a motorcycle cop hides out where Channel Drive dumps you onto Seaward (and where you have to yield to join traffic). Because of the shrubbery, you can’t see him until you’ve driven past – at which point, he’s already got you in his sights. Posted speed limit is 35. There are 2 lanes and most folks drive much faster. Last year, my husband got 2 tickets there, same week (2 different days), same cop, same time of day (mid-morning). I still see him there almost daily if I’m looking for him.

Harbor Boulevard near Near the Keys along Harbor

Ventura, CaliforniaDec 20, 20070 Comments

I see motorcycle police hiding in front of cars parked along Harbor Blvd along the Keys frequently ticketing both directions of traffic. The speed limit is 45 through there which seems fair enough.

Harbor Boulevard near Peninsula Street

Ventura, CaliforniaDec 12, 20070 Comments

Motorcycle cop will sit camoflauged among the parked cars on Harbor Blvd between Peninsula and Oyster watching for speeders coming from either direction. Usually his radar is pointing toward northbound traffic, but he is on the right side and can catch you going southbound too.

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