Weaverville, California Speed Traps

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Hwy.299 west of Weaverville back side of Oregon Mountain

Weaverville, CaliforniaSep 05, 20130 Comments

Hwy 299 west is the main route to Eureka, leaving Weaverville you head out of town on hwy 299 w, once at the top of the mountain it’s a couple of miles to the bottom and a wide open straight stretch which every one cranks on the speed. About a half mile into the straight stretch on the left in the trees and brush you will find a highway patrol unit just waiting for you. You must keep down below 55 if you don’t want to get stopped. Also if you have fresh dirt on your vehicle or mud on your tires you may get profiled as a dope buyer and stopped and dirty searched, clean your car and tuck your hair under your hat. And remember California Civil Code 1689 B 1. gives you the right to rescind any traffic citations as a citation is a contract and if the cop threatens you in any way, which by his presence he does, you can go to the court house and give the citation back without talking to any one there just go to the clerk of the court and say, “This was given to me under duress and I am rescinding it, and under California Civil Code 1688 a contract( which the citation is) is extinguished by its rescission.”

East of Weaverville on 299 at HWY 3 junction (Douglas City)

Weaverville, CaliforniaFeb 20, 20110 Comments

Heading East on Hwy 299 toward the Hwy 3 junction, just before Douglas City, there is a rest stop and a passing lane, which is one of the few opportunities to pass slower vehicles. CHP waits at the end of the passing lane on a downhill stretch and nabs you right after you passed someone (I was passing a slow moving truck that pulled out of the rest stop). Speed limit is 55 and he got me doing 73. First speeding ticket in 10+ years. Note that they do not accept on-line courses for traffic school – what a pain.

HY 299, 7 to 8 miles west of Weaverville

Weaverville, CaliforniaDec 08, 20100 Comments

Decending from "Oregon MT" summit there is a long downhill straight stretch at the bottom about 1 mile before reaching Junction City. CHP are usually around there and many people I know have been ticketed.

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