Weed, California Speed Traps

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US 97 sb

Weed, CaliforniaJan 25, 20150 Comments

unmarked downgrade sb from grass lake summit to military pass rd well hidden traffic stop takes place 1 mile south @ living memorial garden in wide spot

I-5 Northbound just N. of Black Butte/Candy-colored trucks

Weed, CaliforniaFeb 18, 20120 Comments

CHP officers love to ‘cherry-pick’ North- bound traffic just after the on-ramp at the top of the little hill about 1/2 mile north of Truck Village drive exit. You’ll see the candy-colored water truck dealership on the Right, then go up a 1/4 mile grade. CHP sits facing you, behind bushes in a paved cross-over median. Can’t see him until it’s too late, unless you know to look. Your Valentine One radar detector will tell you he’s working most of the time, but they do use Instant-On. I drive this every day and always see them writing tickets for 75-80 in the 65 Zone. Officers tell me it’s prime Cherry picking for out-of-staters. The freeway is wide and fairly straight so seems like it should be 75, but not until almost to Weed airport 5 miles further north does the speed limit increase to 70 mph, so BEWARE.

1 mile North of the Weed Airport

Weed, CaliforniaFeb 18, 20120 Comments

Northbound on I-5, the freeway (speed limit 70 mph) looks wide open, but as the road drops down to a bridge over the Little Shasta River it crests. Just over the crest, the CHP like to wait in the open median and nail northbound traffic with Radar. Detectors may warn you, but they often use instant-on so beware.

4miles north of the Weed airport on I5

Weed, CaliforniaFeb 18, 20120 Comments

I5 traffic – especially northbound – beware. The entire I5 corridor in Siskiyou County is heavily patrolled. Especially 4 miles north of Weed at Edgewood exit to the Oregon border. This trap is just a mile south of the Louie road exit, CHP park in the median behind a small, dry bluff. You won’t see him until it’s too late, his instant-on radar will often nail you. And if he’s not there, watch out for the Louie road overpass just north. Both under the overpass and on the Northbound on-ramp, they’ll park where it is hard to see them until their radar tags you if you’re going over 75 mph.

The first few miles of Hwy 97!

Weed, CaliforniaNov 11, 20110 Comments

They hide on lots of side roads, do the speed limit until you’re miles north of Weed. Especially across the road from the grave yard, They wait at night. I don’t know about the rest of Hwy 97. Good luck.

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