Winterhaven, California Speed Traps

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I 8 east before Yuma

Winterhaven, CaliforniaJan 03, 20160 Comments

Slow down when you get to Grays well rest area. They start shooting radar near Ogilby rd. Also sometimes headed west into California. I guess this their going away present after paying top dollar for fuel in Cali.

Interstate Interstate 8 near Interstate Interstate 8 at Arizona Border

Winterhaven, CaliforniaFeb 21, 20080 Comments

California Highway Patrol revenue center. Go for miles in AZ without seeing a patrol car and Bam !- "Welcome to California, here’s your ticket sir "

Interstate 8 near Sidewinder Road

Winterhaven, CaliforniaJun 02, 20060 Comments

CHP officers patrol this area at a saturated rate. They will pass you at a high rate of speed and another officer going the other direction will get you on radar.

I-8E just before Arizona border.

Winterhaven, CaliforniaJul 19, 20031 Comments

0825 – Thursday morning, there was not very much trafic. I was on my way to Arizona going on I-8E just before Yuma. I was driving along and notice a CHP in front of me. I stayed behind him, there was not much trafic and my speed was safe, though the limit was 70mph. Kind of hard driving 70mph on an empty freeway. The officer then speeded up beyong me, and he was no longer in view. I continued my drive, and I had noticed that the CHP had pulled over on the side of the highway, and I slowed down to 75, and continued to slow down. As I passed him I could not have been doing no more than 70-72 mph, and he then pulled out behind me with his red light already on.

He said that I was keeping pace with him at about 82mph. I didn’t think anything was wrong with keeping my pace behind him even though I did slow down a bit. I never passed him, and I felt that I would driving safe regardless of the 70mph speed limit considering that the hwy was not busy at all.

He also said that he clocked me on radar while he was pulled over on the side at 82, and I thought that he was wrong because I had already slowed down and I passed him doing around 70-72mph.

I don’t feel that I was driving unsafe; even though I may have been driving over the said limit, but Winterhaven is about 3hours away from my home, so I just paid it.

I’m sure they get a lot of out of town people driving through Winterhaven on I-8 East becasue on my way back, I had noticed that a CHP was giving someone else a ticket, and he was probably the same CHP. SO, I consider the Town of Winterhaven a Speed Trap area. I’m sure they are racking in the bucks.

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