Blanca, Colorado Speed Traps

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Hwy 160 running through Blanca

Blanca, ColoradoApr 02, 20150 Comments

Having lived in the Blanca area for over 15 years, the town policeman’s sole job is to trap motorist in the speed trap set up on Hwy 160. In the 15 years of living here I have never once seen this same policeman actually do any other job other than to increase revenue for the city by issuing speeding tickets. The previous post are correct, the town police car is a black Charger, no lights on top, and hard to spot. Travelers be warned! I actually dread going to the post office every few days since he’s always lurking awaiting his next ticket.


Blanca, ColoradoFeb 18, 20110 Comments

This Officer in this Town now has a unmarked unit don’t know if it is the same Officer who drove the marked unit as the windows are heavily tinted. But I got a ticket there, Fine was very expensive. It is patrolled heavily. This Officer drives a black Charger cant even tell its a police car but it is. Beware San Luis Valley travelers. Avoid this stretch of highway.

Going both directions towards the sand dunes

Blanca, ColoradoAug 02, 20100 Comments

Either way towards the sand dunes is patroled heavily. I travel this road 1 to 3 times a week and they are always there. Very slow drivers and limited passing zones. If you go over 65 mph even 1 mile when passing they will give you a ticket. Passing zones are so short if you don’t speed up you will hit the yellow line and get a ticket for doing that!! Best to avoid the whole San Luis Valley if you can!

State Highway 160

Blanca, ColoradoMay 24, 20070 Comments

This Officer has a marked unit, possibly running 2 radar units as I have seen him pointing radar unit at approaching traffic will sit next to buildings or sometimes on East side of town small entrance to a house where he is not visible and at night have seen him blacked out very sneaky, Also frequently assists Colo State Patrol in enforcement, understand he is strict. Speeders Truckers, and any others Beware coming into this Town he is out there.

State Highway 160 near State Highway 160

Blanca, ColoradoFeb 01, 20070 Comments

The one Blanca city police officer sits on state highway 160 running through the city of Blanca. Sometimes he sits on a side street. The Blanca police car has lights in the grill & dashboard; no lights on top which is hard to spot. The officer also sits outside the city limits clocking motorists coming into town. How he gets away with this is beyond me. On occasion, he also assists the Colorado State patrol in checking trucks in the city limits. I’m sure this is done to collect revenue for the city of Blanca. They could easily do this outside the city limits which would make it safer. This is always done in front of the post office. Watch out truckers!

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