Calhan, Colorado Speed Traps

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Calhan Hwy S

Calhan, ColoradoJan 23, 20110 Comments

Coming into Calhan from the South, the Calhan Hwy speed limit quickly drops from 55 mph to 25 mph, just as the street name suddenly changes from Calhan Hwy to Yoder St. This is on the east side of town, just before highway 24.

I do not know where the cop hides, but he is clocking individuals both on highway 24 heading east/west, but also has a view of Calhan Hwy S where the speed limit suddenly changes. Thus it is a dual speed trap.

In town on Hwy 24.

Calhan, ColoradoOct 29, 20100 Comments

As you drive in town the speed limit is 35. Be aware there are unmarked local police cars that sit on the side of the road as you pass by. They will nail you quick! Slow down in Calhan, or you will be paying towards the local police’s kids higher education!

West side of Calhan

Calhan, ColoradoOct 05, 20100 Comments

On the West side of town before it turns into a four lane divided hwy there is a speed trap. New cop in town trying to prove something! Sits and waits just after the 35 mph sign waiting for you to increase your speed as you see the 65 mph sign ahead! No warning from this guy!

US Highway 24 near West Bound City Limits

Calhan, ColoradoFeb 21, 20050 Comments

Officer was parked east of the 65MPH sign (4-lanes begin ~100 feet before the sign) stated that he used radar to verify my speed was 50 in a 35 as I passed him. The speed limit apprently was 35 but I was following an instate pickup when we passed him at 35 and began to accelerate at where it began 4 lanes. The officer stated he used radar as I passed his location on the side of the road no indication was given by my radar detector.

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