Creede, Colorado Speed Traps

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Colo Hwy 160 top of Woolf Creek Pass

Creede, ColoradoAug 06, 20120 Comments

At the summit it drops from 65 to 55 to 45 within mere yards and boom guess who is waiting !! It will cost you 135.00 plus 32.50 surcharge? plus 2.50 DNA charge? for a total of $169.50 “mailable for your convenience.” Even with great reaction time if you hit your brake that hard the guy behind you would be eating your bumper and getting a following to close ticket so for the cops it is a win/win …..There is NOTHING over that pass worth seeing anyhow.

Highway 149, sharp curves about 2 miles west of Creede

Creede, ColoradoMay 29, 20120 Comments

The indicated speed limit on the first sharp curve is 20mph. The gentle curves following the first one are all 35mph but not well marked, while the limit on the rest of the highway is 50-60mph.

If you don’t have Colorado plates, you’ll be stopped for doing 40mph in these curves, and if seat belts are not being worn, you’ll get citations for that as well. This area of southwestern Colorado is not friendly to out-of-staters.

HWY 160 4 miles west of Wolf creek Pass

Creede, ColoradoMay 12, 20110 Comments

They know you have been stuck behind 25mph RV’s for hours on this 2 lane goat trail with many patently unsafe sections or road (50-65 mph zones).
On the straightest, safest four lane in over 100 miles there is a 45 mile per hour zone. Your friendly Highway Patrol will be waiting. They clean up on this stretch. Closest thing I have seen to an outright scam/speed trap in 20 years.
Save your time and money don’t go to Durango, Creede or Pagosa Springs Colorado.

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