Denver, Colorado Speed Traps

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Monaco NB between 1st and 6th

Denver, ColoradoJun 23, 20150 Comments

On Northbound Monaco St Parkway a speed camera van is sometimes parked somewhere between 1st and 6th during peak hours. Posted speed limit is 30; everyone slows down for it. It disrupts the flow of traffic.

I-25 Northbound off ramp to Emerson St.

Denver, ColoradoJun 16, 20150 Comments

After exiting I-25 Northbound on the Downing/Emerson exit, going to Emerson speed suddenly drops from 60 to 30mph. After passing downing and approaching Emerson a COP will be standing on the corner with a radar gun.
Seen it lots times only within the past 2 weeks.

S Sante Fe Drive North Bound after Mississippi Avenue

Denver, ColoradoMar 04, 20150 Comments

Photo enforcrment unit stationed in “work zone” just before I-25 junction; Posted speed is 25 MPH

North bound Santa Fe @ I-25

Denver, ColoradoJan 28, 20150 Comments

The posted speed limit on Santa Fe is 45 mph until a 35 mph sign a quarter mile north of Mississippi and then within 1/10 mi. it goes to 25 mph. yet right after it is a 45 mph Ramp speed sign for getting onto I-25. When they have a photo radar van on the left side it creates more hazards from motorist slamming on their brakes.

Buchtel Blvd. south of Louisiana

Denver, ColoradoSep 10, 20140 Comments

When you exit I-25 at Washington/Emerson and go south on Buchtel toward DU, there is a cop ticketing people for going over the 30 mph speed limit. $160 and 4 points. Or if you pay before the court date, it’s only 2 points. The cop that stopped me must have been marketing-trained as he was very helpful at letting me know how to reduce the points. I saw another car pulled over in the same spot a few days earlier.

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