Frederick, Colorado Speed Traps

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Conservation Drive & Wetlands Loop north of WCR-20

Frederick, ColoradoAug 05, 20150 Comments

While flood repairs are being made to WCR-20, traffic is being re-routed on residential side streets to the north. Speed limit is 25, and it is strictly enforced. Frederick PD slides 2-3 cars into a pullout and waits. Is it technically a speed trap? Yeah, the cars are hard to see until it’s too late, but Frederick PD has a speed sign on the road and is very open about their intentions to enforce speed on those streets during construction.

Bobcat St. & Wolf St., Fox Run subdivision

Frederick, ColoradoJan 27, 20150 Comments

Frederick PD will park a cruiser along Bobcat St. running radar as traffic travels through the neighborhood. Cruiser is usually parked along a bend in the road, and you can’t see him until it’s too late…if you’re even speeding. No one does in this sleepy subdivision.

Birch St. (WCR-11) and Fox Run Blvd.

Frederick, ColoradoMar 31, 20140 Comments

Across the street from the Fox Run subdivision on WCR-11, just south of WCR-20, there’s a small pullout for oilfield traffic. Frederick PD will occasionally station a car there, usually facing south to watch stop signs and speeds. Frederick’s cars are painted black, so they’re very difficult to see at night.

Silver Birch (WCR-11) south of Tipple Pkwy (WCR-16)

Frederick, ColoradoMar 31, 20140 Comments

South of the Tipple Pkwy intersection with Silver Birch, there’s an oil facility of some kind with a small gravel pullout lot. The only vehicle you’re ever likely to see there is a Frederick PD cruiser. This trap is less common now that there’s a stop sign at Tipple Pkwy to break up speeds, but will still occasionally be seen at night, where Frederick PD’s black vehicles are very hard to spot before it’s too late.

WCR-20 (Bella Rosa Pkwy) and Bruin Blvd.

Frederick, ColoradoFeb 18, 20140 Comments

Frederick PD will occasionally park a cruiser a hundred yards or so up Bruin Blvd. to radar oncoming vehicles. Traffic headed westbound on WCR-20 is most often targeted, as the cruiser will park behind several buildings that obstruct the officer’s view of eastbound traffic.

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