Idaho Springs, Colorado Speed Traps

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Mile marker 243 west bound I-70

Idaho Springs, ColoradoJan 30, 20150 Comments

Headed west toward Idaho Springs on I-70 speed limit goes apparently from 65-35 mph rather rapidly city police sit out on I-70 near the 45 mile speed limit never saw a 35 miles speed limit sign. They clock you up where 65 turns to 55mph follow you down to the edge of town the only place to pull over then ticket you for going 55 to 65 in a 35 even though they have been following you since 55 mph and you have slowed down to below the limit from 55 on. Issue a court appearance and really stick it to you on fines. Many people at the court complaining about the same issues.

Miner Street near Main street through town

Idaho Springs, ColoradoMay 08, 20080 Comments

The town of Idaho Springs has minimal posting of a 15 mph speed limit through the heart of the town, lower than a school zone limit and lower than the minimum allowed under Colorado statutory law. It’s unnecessary for it to be that low, it’s a wide two way street, wide enough to allow parking on both sides. Right after the 15 MPH zone, they raise it to 20, but they station a police car with radar just before the limit rises to 20 MPH.

Colorado Boulevard near 8th Avenue

Idaho Springs, ColoradoMay 28, 20060 Comments

Colorado Blvd is clearly posted at 25 MPH with one 20 MPH sign near a school. However, the local cops will pull you over and claim you are exceeding the 15 MPH limit. I drove the route after the ticket and found no 15MPH signs on Colorado Blvd.

Interstate 70 near Exit Number 240

Idaho Springs, ColoradoAug 26, 20050 Comments

Car sits on top of overpass at Exit 240, looking for people going westbound. They have easy access to the on-ramp from that position. It’s a downhill and people typically are well over the 55mph limit (down from 65mph before the town). Hard to see them if you aren’t looking for them.

Interstate 70 westbound near east of Rt 6 exit

Idaho Springs, ColoradoMay 06, 20050 Comments

Going downhill on a 7% grade and speed limit drops from 65-55. Divided highway-spacious shoulders, not very curving. Don’t use radar or any other technology. Based on "trail speed". If you argue they say ‘go to court and fight it. Four months later and 30 miles away in Georgetown.

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