Leadville, Colorado Speed Traps

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Intersection of Lake County road 99 and us 24.

Leadville, ColoradoJun 24, 20160 Comments

This used to be a local secret shortcut to get around leadville if traveling through. Now it is the primary route listed by Google maps. You enter highway 24 within a 40 mph zone but the posted sign is placed about a quarter mile before that point of entry. In another words if you enter that highway and travel west, the speed limit sign is placed east of the intersection and an entering motorist will not know. The next sign traveling that direction lists the speed limit as 55. A local resident told me that the police are always there ticketing people. The reason for the reduction is valid in my opinion since it allows residents of a trailer park to enter and exit the highway. However there is no way for a traveler to know about the actual speed limit nor the trailer park until you round the corner. If traveling through 24 there is adequate notice but if follow the quicker route now navigated by Google you will not know that a highway has a lot speed limit of 40.

US 24 between 9th St. and Silver Dr.

Leadville, ColoradoDec 20, 20130 Comments

What a joke of a town. Speed limit is a artificially low, and the local yokels take advantage of it. I rarely drive this stretch without seeing at least one or two cars–not always with out of state plates–paying the traveler’s tax. Police are merciless along this stretch, and I’ve seen cars stopped for going less than five over. Luckily, there are plenty of other mountain towns to explore along here, towns that don’t invite you to visit then bill you for passing through. Spend your vacation dollars in Dillon, Breckenridge, Keystone, Silverthorne or Beaver Creek, and leave this load of lead of a town to rot.

County Road 4, Leadville Colorado

Leadville, ColoradoMay 21, 20111 Comments

Speed Limit recently changed from 45mph to 35 mph. This is a straight stretch of road, lightly traveled except for weekends, when you might get more traffic on a summer day. There is no history of accidents or speeding abuse. Just another way for Lake County to fill the coffers.

in 25 mph zone

Leadville, ColoradoFeb 25, 20111 Comments

all through town (on hwy 24) is a 25 mph zone and police take full advantage. I see pull-overs nightly. There is no particular time for the speed traps as it is incorporated into the police’s routine all day and night. Not only is a local police force here, but also the county sherriff and state police. Its the proverbial ‘hornets nest’ here in Leadville in a town with a notoriously high number of DWI charges. Expect to get pulled over here.

State Highway 24 near Harrison Avenue

Leadville, ColoradoAug 02, 20071 Comments

County and City police sit on top of hill at turn where hwy 24 becomes Harrison Ave and speed limit dropps from 35 to 20 MPH. By the time you see them its too late

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