Steamboat Springs, Colorado Speed Traps

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Highway 40 dropping down into Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs, ColoradoJun 06, 20120 Comments

As you drop down, unless you stay on your brakes it is difficult, if not impossible to do the speed limit. I was stopped and told doing 71, when there was no way. Word against word. Frustrating when told it wasn’t the jeep in front of me, which I never passed. Multiple residence in town indicated it is a speed trap, often patrolled by new officers. One resident said she was on cruise control, doing 60, and was stopped for doing well over 60. being from out of town with a rental car and rental plates, I felt made me a target.

US Hwy 40, west end of Lincoln Ave.

Steamboat Springs, ColoradoNov 15, 20110 Comments

US Hwy 40 becomes Lincoln Ave ("Main St") in Steamboat Springs. The speed limit through town is 25 MPH. Most people intuitively think the slower town limit ends at 12th Street, by the library. In fact, this limit is drawn out past the park, and the entrance to the Dream Island mobile home park. They love to sit in the open area near the park and pull people over who naturally speed up, thinking they are "out of town," or who don’t slow down in time when entering town.

US Highway US 40 near Rabbit Ears Pass

Steamboat Springs, ColoradoJul 28, 20050 Comments

Speed limit from the top of Rabbit Ears Pass clear into
Steamboat Springs is 50 MPH all the way down (going west) into the valley and then 55 MPH for about 5 miles into town. I think about 3 state patrol and one or two county types are assigned to that area and one of them is on patrol at all times. Thing is, the road is good and clear with mostly very light traffic. It is almost impossible to stay at or near 50MPH without using a gear low enough to keep you at 20MPH or burning your brakes.

US-40 on Rabbit Ears Pass

Steamboat Springs, ColoradoMay 21, 20030 Comments

Any long downhill section on Rabbit Ears Pass is fair game. The occifers pay particular attention to westbound traffic on Friday (going into town), and to eastbound traffic on Sunday (going home).


Steamboat Springs, ColoradoApr 22, 20020 Comments

Highway 40 goes right through the middle of Steamboat Springs, and is in fact the main road. The speed limit drops to 25mph as you enter town, and in my case a cop was sitting in a parking lot just on the other side of the sign. I’m positive I wasn’t going more than 40mph as I passed the sign, but he still nailed me for 59mph (there were other extenuating circumstances as well, but they aren’t particularly relevant, and he certainly wasn’t interested). Now I get to drive 170mi and go to court.

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