Bridgeport, Connecticut Speed Traps

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State Route 25 near Interstate 95

Bridgeport, ConnecticutAug 28, 20070 Comments

Bridgeport has (at least) two unmarked, nearly unrecognizable beige Ford Expedition SUVs. This is likely the most common-looking SUV, so it blends in very well. They regularly patrol 25, just north of I95 between Merritt Parkway and I95

Park Avenue near Discovery Museum

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJul 29, 20070 Comments

I spotted a major speedtrap on the northbound/Bridgeport side of Park Avenue near the Discovery Museum recently. The road is wide and pretty empty at this point, and the speed limit is 35 mph, but under the right conditions, the prevailing speed is 50 mph. There were 5 police cars pulling people over just past a slight hill that blocked the oncoming drivers’ view of the group of police cars. This was on a Saturday afternoon, but other people I know have seen this enforcement at other times.

State Route 8 near Exit Number 39908

Bridgeport, ConnecticutMay 08, 20070 Comments

if you are going northbound, then the cop is hiding either b4 the exit, where they were doing construction, or right after the exit, the lawn area, they just hide there behind the exit 5 sign, and if you are going southbound, then they hide right, like a little ways after the sign, like the onramp to RT 8 from Exit 5, behind the big boulder.

State Route 25 / 8 near Interstate 95

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJun 30, 20060 Comments

On RTE 25/ RTE 8 connector, CT state cops can been anytime of the day, pulling people over for speeding. The speed limit is 55mph but most people go much faster. The State Troopers also use multiple cars at multiple points (I was 7 cars once at 4 separate point) to ensure coverage. The troopers will also sit below grade so you don’t see them until its too late or sit around a bend and then grab you as you come by.

Exit Number 25 to 32

Bridgeport, ConnecticutJan 09, 20050 Comments

Construction Zone speed reduced to 45 MPH, strictly enforced after an accident/fire in February 2004. 24 hour police presence and thousands of tickets handed out for going anything over the posted 45 MPH.

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