Enfield, Connecticut Speed Traps

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Shaker Road near George Washington Street

Enfield, ConnecticutAug 20, 20070 Comments

Westbound on Rte. 220 (Shaker Road) from North Maple Street to George Washington Road. The area is 40mph. The trap is set as drivers approach greenwood street where the officer stands on the side with Laser gun. The vehicles caught are pulled onto grrenwood street so no other cars see them getting cited. If they run a trap on tuesday they will be back later in the week to do it again. I’ve seen the some of the same cars pulled over twice in the same week.

State Route 190 near South Maple Street

Enfield, ConnecticutDec 27, 20060 Comments

Officer sits in the Hazardville Package Store parking lot, can’t see him very well. Don’t cut through parking lot to avoid traffic light and be careful with yellow light. They sit there quite often early AM

Hazard Avenue near Fresh Water Boulevard

Enfield, ConnecticutJun 28, 20060 Comments

The Enfield PD will hate me for this one. This trap is so well consealed, it is impossible to tell if it is there or not. An unmarked Ford Taurus or Crown Victoria or Mustang will sit in the parking lot to Enfield Ford. It is most prevelent at night, but can happen at any time. At night, lights are off and they look EXACTLY like a parked show car. The Speed Limit is 40, but traffic flow is 45-55 most of the time. Anyone traveling on Hazard AVE (rt 190) should take extreme care to go the exact speed limit or risk getting a warning OR ticket.

Broadbrook Road near Holiday Lane

Enfield, ConnecticutJun 16, 20060 Comments

This trap comes in two parts. The first part is at the begining of broadbrook road. cops will sit either under the railway truss on water st (priave road), the begining of leary rd (accross from water st, or at the turn around where people park when they go fishing. All of these arias are well hidden and spotting the cop is realy hard unless you know where to look, and even then you may miss them. Speed limit is 40, but safe speeds up to 55 can be reached, and very easily. You will get pulled over for doing 43 or higher. Part two, located about a mile down the road (where the speedlimit raises to 45) there is a church, and guess what? 45 to 25 in about 50 feet. goodluck. The cop sits in the parking lot of the church with his lighs off if at night. Cop has been known to follow cars that did 45, then pull them over before east windsor.

Town Farm Road near Town Landfill

Enfield, ConnecticutJun 16, 20060 Comments

this road is full of traps. the speed limit starts out at 30 MPH and if not for the landfill would probibly be higher. The first trap is on the approach to the land fill. the town officer hides in the entrance to a local driving range, well hidden from view and is too late to spot until you go by him. The speed limit then drops to 25, going down a hill that is so steep, it is almost impossible to slow down. The hill takes a turn, and vualla, there on the bottom, still pretty hidden from view, is a town officer. Prevaling speed is about 45 here, so you do the math. Also, to confuse regular drivers, the trap works in the following fassion; no poliece presence, then one of those your speed signs. That lasts for about 2-3 weeks, so if u have a radar detector, you grow accustomed. Then the trap is set, so keep this in mind and go slow.

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